The West Michigan Aviation Academy Is Where Students Can Fulfill Their Life Dreams

Dick Devos, as well as his wife Betsy, are two known mega-donors. They both come from wealthy families, and they have used their wealth in order to bring about change in the country and in their local community. They have made this their life mission.


One of the things that Dick Devos focused on a few years ago was giving more workers in Michigan a chance to work at a proper job and earn a living. Michigan has long been a place where organized labor ruled supreme and where a union membership was a condition for getting a job in many industries. Dick Devos’ right-to-work campaign changed that and gave many residents in Michigan more opportunities to work without the need to subject themselves to union rules.


One of the things that both Betsy Devos and Dick Devos have championed for is school choice. They have both worked for charter schools and campaigned for more support for these schools.


In fact, Dick Devos, with the backing and support of Betsy Devos, opened a charter school himself. It is called the West Michigan Aviation Academy, and it focuses on teaching kids how to fly planes. He started the school in 2010. Students like seventeen year old George Radashaw are able to fulfill their life dreams of learning how to fly planes in an educational environment.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is a public school and is a nonprofit. It started out in the Gerald Ford Airport as a small school with just a handful of students, but it has since grown to over six hundred students, many of whom are bussed in from surrounding counties.


Another thing that Dick and Betsy did was found the Great Lakes Education Project. This is a political action committee that lobbies for education reform and school choice programs. They successfully blocked an attempt to make it harder for charter schools to open by requiring that they get approved by a special committee.


The West Michigan Aviation Academy does not charge tuition, as it is a public school. It is only through school choice programs that they can continue. They get seventy five hundred dollars for every student from the state. However, they also received seven million dollars from Dick and Betsy themselves. The academy has two Cessna planes and gives classes on all issues that are related to aviation. Learn more:

José Auriemo Neto Has Made Changes to Brazilian Real Estate

The Brazilian real estate industry is booming. There are many commercial and retail buildings that are cropping up around the country and people like José Auriemo Neto are behind all of them. He has tried his best to always provide a positive influence to the people who are in the industry and to those who are working together to make the industry what it is. José Auriemo Neto has done what he can to show people the right way to offer different things. He has also made it a point to always give them the best real estate experience possible.

From residential to retail and retail to commercial, José Auriemo Neto is offering new real estate opportunities. The development aspect of his business has given him the motivation he needs to continue offering a better experience. It is also what has allowed him to make more money while he continues to grow his business. All the things José Auriemo Neto does go back to the business and what he can do to make it better. He tries to always make sure he can help people with their issues and that has allowed him the chance to make the company better. To know more about him click here.

When José Auriemo Neto finds a retail or commercial real estate industry he wants to work with, he sets his sights on it. Once he has done that, he is always prepared to show people what they can get out of the business. He likes to make sure everyone knows what he is doing and that he is responsible for the projects that he has stared. He has always done his best to make sure everyone can have the real estate opportunities that will make their own lives better and that will give them the motivation to keep working toward a better future.

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They who fight for the rights of others

Immigrants and refugees are some of the most vulnerable members of any society their lack of citizenship or the required paperwork to allow them to be in the country legally is always a very strong hurdle in there quest to be treated fairly and equally without any sort of discrimination.

Their actions are at times more scrutinized and they may be easily targeted by law enforcement especially those that thrive on racial profiling, This phenomenal is not unique to other countries as it has been known and seen to happen in the United States as well. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

This is the reason various organizations have come up and today are responsible for fighting for the equal and dignified treatment of all human beings and the need to accord them a chance to be as successful as any other person in the country.

These organizations offer help in different capacities as well as working with other individuals and groups to achieve their objectives.

The following are just but a few of this groups.

Border Action Network

This is an organization that in 1999 it has today become one of the biggest and most relevant advocates of immigrant began in Arizona and has grown over time to encompass other places in the country. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://james-larkin.coma/press/ and http://james-larkin.coma/about/

The level of work and commitment in what they do is simply amazing having been able to establish various crossing routes used constantly by immigrants and placing water and food for the arriving people.

The border action network also works very closely with families, especially where children are involved to ensure that they are always treated as every other child should be. The border action network has also been a very strong advocate against the detention of families especially those that have very young children who are at times exposed to very bad conditions in the detention centers.

The Frontera fund

This organization is also found in arizona.It has been one of the strongest advocates for the Hispanic community.

They have been fighting for there rights since 2013 when the founders came face to face with the level of violations meted on them.The Frontera fund has been able to offer legal assistance to this community and ensure that they are able to get all the immigration assistance they can achieve.

The Frontera fund has also been a strong proponent of DACA.They have engaged in various activities to try and ensure that the recipients continue to enjoy the freedoms it accords while also lobbying for a more permanent solution.

Accomplishments of End Citizens United

Also Known as ECU, End Citizens United is a political committee that is based in the United States. It is an organization that is committed to turn around the 2010 decision that was made by the US Supreme Court in the Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission. The decision deregulated limits which are independent expenditure group spending against or for specific candidates. End Citizen United is committed on driving the big money out of politics and their goal is to elect the campaign-finance reform champions to the congress. This is done by raising and contributing money for the candidates and also running independent expenditures. The organization was established in 2015and began its operation in the first election cycle in the year 2016 with funding of over $25 million.

Since it was founded, End Citizens United has been able to endorse Democratic candidates like Hillary Clinton, Zephyr Teachout, Elizabeth Warren, Beto O’Rourke, Russ Feingold and also Jon Ossoff. ECU is also among the biggest outside organizations to assist in electing senators Catherine Cortez Masto and Maggie Hassan. This was during the elections of 2017 and it spent $4.4 million during the races. The established organization stated that by mid 2017 it had raised over $7.5 million from the grassroots donations. It also plans to come up approximately $35 million for the election cycle of 2018. End Citizens United is recently-founded political committee that is devoted to campaign finance reforms and is said to be a big player in the year 2016. The main mission of the organization is to funnel many millions of dollars to the Democratic Candidates who are running in Senate and Competitive House races throughout the United States.

Since it was established, End Citizens United has managed to raise a lot of money towards election campaigns and helped many candidates in acquiring their seats. The crucial goal of End Citizens United is to get ahead of a constitutional amendment so as to turn back the Citizens United decision which was made by the Supreme Court. Since 2006, over 325,000 individuals have managed to sign to the petition by End Citizens United that demands the congress to pass such legislation. Just recently, End Citizens United made announcement about their endorsement of eleven Democratic candidates who include Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Russ Feingold of Wisconsin who is a former senator. End Citizens United has plans to come up with an independent arm early next years in order to support the candidates financially via initiatives such as polling, television ads as well as direct mailers. The organization hopes to continue with its public awareness about the decision of Supreme Court as well as keep its political pressure on the Supreme Court and also other political actors.

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Fabletics Is Forward-Thinking Fashion

We are in a unique period of fashion evolution. This transition doesn’t just refer to the clothes themselves, but how we shop for them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fashion combinations, particularly when it comes to athletic and casual leisure clothes. However, with Amazon cornering 20% of the online fashion market, and storefronts struggling to turn a profit, the options for the actual shopping part can seem stagnant and boring. Luckily, the innovative and creative Kate Hudson has come up with the retail shopping revival all of us shopping enthusiasts so desperately needed.


Fabletics is a subscription based clothing company that combines the best brands, newest trends, and individual customer preferences to create a supremely satisfying shopping experience. Once you have taken the personalized style quiz, Fabletics will curate and send you a box of new, stylish athletic wear, also referred to as athlesiure clothing, for a reasonable monthly subscription price. Having a genuine understanding of your style, activity level and preferences is what allows Fabletics to set itself apart from other fashion retailers and deliver the change of pace you’ve been craving. You can even take a month off from the subscription service to solo shop all of the fantastic Fabletics clothing and accessories, then resume the service without any hassle.


In addition to their makeover of the online shopping experience, Fabletics as breathed new life into the brick-and-mortar storefront shopping experience. Most customers use physical shopping as a means to browse for things they’ll shop online for later at cheaper prices. While most storefront clothing retailers use high pressure sales tactics and other outdated sales methods, Fabletics has decided to embrace the browsers by making physical retail just another extension of their services. By using data collected online and at community events, you can rest assured that your instore experience will be every bit as enjoyable as your subscription. The way Fabletics puts your in store preferences into your online account, and gives you updates on in store events and sales makes shopping seamless no matter how you choose to do it.


Whether your goal is the ultimate athletic performance, stylish comfort wear, or just something out of the ordinary, Fabletics has precisely what you’re looking for- even if you didn’t know you were looking for it. And with the addition of items like dresses, swimwear, and footwear, it is only a matter of time before your whole wardrobe makes you as happy as your athleisure wear!

Vijay Eswaran’s Important Life Lessons

Based on beliefs, many children lose insight on what they want to be or do in life. Some countries set expectations on these children to the point to where they believe they can only be a doctor, lawyer, or an engineer in order to be successful in this world.

This is not fair to the children who has a deep passion for drawing or even singing because that passion is now useless and pushed to the side. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

Individuals are not going to see a change in their career goals until they act upon it. According to Vijay Eswaran, we need to focus on two lessons that we need to apply to our lives and those lessons are: Moving Forward and Peripheral Vision.

In the lesson of Moving Forward, Eswaran explains how if we move forward we can then see where we are going and what lies ahead of us. When we lose focus and stumble backwards then we not only lose our balance but our purpose as well. Read more: Living a Life of Purpose: Breaking Away From the Mental Shackles

In the Peripheral Vision lesson, Eswaran discusses how we need to be aware of our surroundings so we will know what is approaching us from every angle in our life so we will know how to handle these situations to prevent it from interfering with our success.

When we are not made aware of these things, then we are left with only tunnel vision. When the shackles of society and peer pressure is put on an individual then we can not do anything and we will fail.

Vijay Eswaran is a motivational speaker, philanthropist, and also a successful entrepreneur. He is an author of a book titled In the Sphere of Silence, which is a best-seller.

Vijay Eswaran has spoken about topics such as life management, business, and personal development among others. He strives for a better and higher education in South East Asia. Also, he has won many awards for his entrepreneurship and business leadership. Forbes has listed him as one of Asia’s top 50 philanthropists.

End Citizens United Puts a Spotlight on Protecting the Johnson Amendment

The team at End Citizens United has been hard at work over the past two years as they’ve been fighting for and championing campaign finance reform. End Citizens United was established as a response to the catastrophic and disastrous ruling in 2010 surrounding the conservative propaganda group, Citizens United. Citizens United was spearheaded by a lawyer named James Bopp. Bopp argued before the Supreme Court that corporations were people and that donations they made were an extension of their ‘freedom of speech’. Of course, Citizens United was never interested in free speech and instead they were interested in opening the floodgates for political lobbyists to flood into the government. Now, further efforts have been undertaken by conservatives in order to destabilize campaign financing. This time, President Trump and his Republican majority are setting their sights on destroying the Johnson Amendment.

The Johnson Amendment was created in a bipartisan effort by Dwight Eisenhower and Lyndon B Johnson. The goal of the Johnson Amendment was to put a filter in between religious institutions and their lobbying on behalf of politicians. In short, the Johnson Amendment traded tax-exempt status for churches to not use their pulpit as a political tool to campaign and finance politicians. The Johnson Amendment made its way onto the books in 1954 and since then it has been steadily gaining fire from those on the religious right wing of America’s political spectrum. Donald Trump made the loudest overture toward removing the Johnson Amendment with an executive order earlier this year that told the IRS to stop persecuting churches for breaking the law. The IRS is under no obligation to listen to Trump in this regard, but the latest Republican tax reform proposal puts even more pressure on the Johnson Amendment.

End Citizens United was established to champion campaign finance reform and PAC President Tiffany Muller has put supporting the Johnson Amendment at the top of their list. End Citizens United is trying to raise awareness for the importance of the Johnson Amendment in a coordinated, grassroots effort. Muller understands that if the Johnson Amendment were destroyed that it would put religious institutions into a position by which they could funnel money right into American politics. Churches would effectively become an open way for lobbyists to funnel money, tax free, into the United States government. If dark money and corporate interests are bad right now, imagine how bad it will be when these donors can use churches to write off their donations on their taxes.

End Citizens United has an uphill battle ahead of them as Republicans hold a majority at almost every level of the United States government. Only by raising awareness and motivating individuals via grassroots campaigning can there be hop of stopping this disastrous decision.



End Citizens United Works To Protect Campaign Finance Integrity

The current political atmosphere is not good for those who support fair and honest politics. Trump has already used executive orders to help loosen restrictions on the role of churches in the political process, but there is genuine fear things might be taken even further with the help of the GOP. End Citizens United wants to everything possible to make sure this doesn’t happen and to bring things back to the way they need to be. With the help of activists, donors, and people who simply want to make a difference, this is slowly but surely happening right before our eyes. Visit to know more.

The Johnson Amendment

The Johnson Amendment was created as a way to regulate campaign finance and prevent some of the more insidious ways politicians used to use nonprofits to influence politics. By amending the constitution to exclude this institutions from participating in politics Lyndon B Johnson played a key role in protecting the separation between church and state while also protecting the integrity of the political process. This is currently under threat thanks to the unfortunate rise of Donald Trump and his particular brand of politics.

What’s At Stake Here

The consequences of other campaign finance reforms has already made it clear there are many dangers to allowing these sort of changes to go uninterrupted. With the new rules being proposed by Trump we’ll see an entirely new age of corruption in politics through the use of shadow money to hide the true desires and motivations of politicians. It will make it almost impossible to get big money out of politics or to give the people who need a helping hand what they want. The need to fight this is clear for anybody who wants to see it. The consequences of failure are too great.

What Can Be Done?

So far the best thing that can be done is to support efforts to elect new leaders that will protect the Johnson Amendment. Current leadership is generally conservative and highly supportive of the efforts of Trump. Doing everything possible to give new leaders a change is exactly what needs to be done. However, the effort to change things has to begin at the right place. Nowhere is this more evident than the End Citizens United financing efforts and attempts to spread the important message.

People will eventually wake up to what’s happening around them and demand more answers. When that happens, it’s going to be the job of someone to give them a better understanding of what this all means for them. That’s exactly what End Citizens United is working to provide American citizens at the end of the day when it’s all said and done. Learn more:


The Astonishing Success of Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal started working at Crispin Porter and Bogusky serving as their Global Chief Executive Officer on March 2015. Additionally, during the same year, Lori became the Director of Advertising Council Inc. Over the past years, Lori Senecal has served at various leading firms. She has worked at Coca Cola serving as their Global Accountant Director. Besides, she has also served at Applebee’s, Xbox, and Molson. Moreover, Lori has worked at Nabisco, Staples, and InBev. Furthermore, she also served as the Chief Marketing Officer of a firm called DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. Later she was given the responsibility of managing the Sales and Marketing branch of the firm. She worked at DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc. from the year 2005 to 2008.

According to GC Report, before her endeavor, Lori Senecal did her studies and earned a degree in sales and marketing. In the year 2003, Lori Senecal utilized her innovation expertise and established TAG Ideation (a marketing program involving both young and adult persons). During her tenure, Lori Senecal has had an immense experience in matters related to multinational accounting and data analysis. Because of her crucial ideas in the making of TAG Ideation, McCann Erickson Worldwide (a division of McCann Worldgroup Inc.) offered her the role of a Co-Managing Director of the New York based TAG. Later, due to her hard work and determination, McCann Worldgroup Inc. chose Lori Senecal to serve as their Executive Vice President. Furthermore, she was also named as their Accountant Management Director.

During her career, Lori Senecal has been awarded various awards due to her hard work and overwhelming skills. In 2013, she was granted the Quantum Leap Award. The award was given to her during the Ad Week New York Game Changer Awards. She received the award due to her impressive innovative skills and leadership qualities. Besides, in 2014, Lori Senecal was chosen as the female to watch in the field of advertising. Because of her immense expertise, many employers who bring to her projects are always assured that she will deliver an excellent work. Recently in 2017, she was honored the Most Creative People in Business by the Fast Company (


Jeff Yastine Educates Investors through Weekly Columns

     Having joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, Jeff Yastine has seen the brand grow fast to become the leading publication firm in American. Today, Jeff Yastine boasts of over 20 years of experience in financial journalism and the stock market. At Banyan Hill, Jeff is an effective Editorial Director. His weekly columns-Winning Investor Daily and Sovereign Investor Daily are popular among many investors. The columns help the readers to understand the financial market better. His articles provide information on monetary trends, state of the economy, and profit-filled stock markets.

A former Emmy Nominee and correspondent at PBS, Jeff has been involved in numerous interviews throughout his career and he understands the secrets that pertain to the financial industry. Some of the most celebrated financial investors that Jeff has managed to interview include Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Michael Dell. In the mid-2000s, Jeff was able to help a number of investors in the real estate. He provided insights to investors pertaining to the crisis that had hit the sector.

About Jeff Yastine

Popularly known as JL, Jeff Yastine is a frequent columnist at the Banyan Hill Publishing and the Sovereign Society. He possesses a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Electronic Journalism from the University of Florida. Before joining Banyan Hill as an Editorial Director, Mr. Yastine worked at Newsmax Media between 2013 and 2015 as a Director.

Before Newsmax, JL served as an Editorial Director at Oxford Club between 2011 and 2013. A major part of his professional career has been in journalism where he served at PBS as a Senior Correspondent for 17 years. He was effective in creating stories about the financial market. Major highlights at PBS include an Emmy Nomination in 2007, two investigative trips to Cuba, and the study of the BP Spills in 2010.


In all the places that Jeff Yastine has worked, he has given his best. He is known to be an experienced columnist, who offers his readers rich financial content through the weekly publications. Overall, Jeff is an incredible writer and financial consultant. He is instrumental in the growth of Banyan Hill Publishing and enjoys a massive following from his dedicated readers.