All Students Are Able To Receive a Quality Education Thanks To Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools

Thanks to the efforts of Rocketship Education, a public charter school system that is sweeping over California, students from low-income families are able to experience quality education at a level never seen before. Rocketship schools have recently been spreading into new communities around the country as well. For many, the high cost of living, especially in California, leaves parents without the ability to send their kids to good schools that provide good teaching to all of their students. A good education is important for all students, not just those that come from wealthy families. Test scores prove this fact, considering the majority of students can perform well when given a quality education regardless of where they come from.

This is why Rocketship Education uses a system known as MAP, Measures of Academic Progress, that is not yet too popular among public schools in the United States. This is unfortunate because it greatly improves a students ability to catch up if they fall behind in their learning, and it gives a clear picture of where a student started and how far they have come growth wise. Since opening their first school in 2007, Rocketship Education charter schools have been using this system, along with various improvements to the standard education methods at public schools.

Every student in the Rocketship Education system is known as a Rocketeer and has access to various different methods of learning. Not only do students receive the traditional curriculum that is used in public schools, but they also have access to personalized training. Tutors will help every student in problem subjects or areas where they fall behind so every student can be at the appropriate grade level. For now, Rocketship charter schools are for elementary students in Grades K-5, but they are quickly becoming a go-to for parents wanting to give their child a quality learning experience. Rocketship Education charter schools provide students a strong foundation for the rest of their academic careers, even up to college.

Excellence in Customer Service

Three time winner of the prestigious Stevie award in 2018, Securus Technologies. The Stevie Awards are given to business who show excellence across 14 main business categories. Michael P. Gallagher, founder of the Stevie Awards, conceived the awards, as a way to “restore public confidence and investor trust”. During the early 2000s, there was heavy public scrutiny towards corporate scandals and overall trust, regarding business professionals.


February 23rd in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2018 Gala Banquet and Awards Ceremony was held to present the recipients of the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Over 2,500 nominations from the business world was considered. Securus Technologies’ Corporate Escalations team was awarded the Gold for Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. The Silver for Customer Service Professional of the Year went to Securus Technologies’ Zelperita Jackson, and the Bronze went to Securus’s Video Visitation Team, for Front Line Customer Service.It is actual no surprise Securus Technologies was recognized for outstanding customer service. Understanding the importance of good public relations is what allows Securus to develop cutting edge technology to serve the needs of their customers.


Securus Technologies, is a prison technology company, founded in 1986. Illegal contraband within the prison system pose a serious threat to public safety and the employees of the correctional facility. The illegal smuggling of drugs, including cigarettes, and even cell phones are huge problems for the American Prison system.

Securus’s is helping combat unauthorized cellphone usage by prison inmates, with their Wireless Containment Solution. The Wireless Containment Solution prevents unauthorized cellphones from reaching a cell phone tower, rendering the phone useless. Inmates have to invent innovative ways to acquire the illegal contraband. Traditionally contraband is smuggled in by prison guards, other correctional facilities employees. Now that drones are becoming more prevalent, inmates look to exploit a potential opportunity to smuggle contraband. Drones are beginning to be used more and more by inmates to get illegal contraband into the correctional facility.

Securus has created what they call an “active pilot program, that uses drone detection technology” in an effort to combat this growing issue. Securus’s plans to deploy a digital antenna structure (DAS), which is a network of antenna modules. This array or network of antennas are to be used to detect the presence of drones in the area.

The address of Larkin and Lacey on Trump’s pardon on Arpaio

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey have addressed their concerns about the president Trump’s pardon on Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Joe Arpaio had is well known for the misdeeds that he carried out while in office. The sheriff disappointed many civil societies.

The action was taken by the president has created humiliation in the country. The victims of Joe Arpaio have been disappointed by the action. The victims felt that the policies in the state are divisive.

Larkin and Lacey are the victims of the vengeful acts that were carried out by the sheriff. The journalist has opened their minds after the pardon from the president. They were arrested by the sheriff for revealing some of the scandals that were evident in his office.

The journalists were serving at Phoenix New Times during their arrest. Lacey commented that are exhibited himself as a moron through the pardon. He concluded that the association of Arpaio and is a similitude of a marriage of two corrupt administrators. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Michael Lacey described the sheriff as a dictator who led with racism and torture. Many people who were jailed in his term lost their lives due to tortures. The jail conditions were not favorable for a human being. He created a tent city where the inmates were tortured inhumanly.

Many inmates committed suicide while others were beaten to death. Rape cases were many and children were forced to have sex. Sheriff Arpaio was also accused of stealing $100 million through corruption the lawsuit termed as Melendres v. Arpaio found him guilty of mistreating Latinos, and he was supposed to be sentenced to death.

Lacey was disgusted by the president and expressed that the judicial failed in executing their roles. Arpaio should be kept behind bars.

Michael Lacey felt that it seems Arpaio could have escaped the punishment even without the involvement of the president. Arpaio who turned 85 has escaped the punishment for the tortures, sexual abuses, and deaths.

Lacey noted that many people were left desperate through the reckless behavior of Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin were kept behind bars in 2007 during the reign of Arpaio. Larkin was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Village Voice Media during his arrest.

Lacey was working as the senior editor of the organization. The cases that Arpaio escaped include the misuse of office power, racial discrimination, and illegal arrest. The misdeeds were being tracked by Larkin and Lacey.

Larkin and Lacey published the outcome of their investigation in one of their publication. The publication hurt the Arpaio, Larkin observed that the revelation was like a thorn to Arpaio. The two journalists were arrested at midnight at their homes.

Larkin and Lacey had also published a dirty game of real estate business that was being played by Arpaio and his wife. The information hurt the sheriff, and it might have incited their arrest in 2007.

The citizens who were loyal to Larkin and lacey poured into the street to express their disappointment with the arrest of Larkin and Lacey. The court was forced to release them, and they were compensated with $3.75 for illegal arrest.

Ara Chackerian Business Owner

Ara Chackerian has had a distinguished career in various industries. Throughout his career, he has tried to improve in every way. He continually reads books and goes to seminars in an attempt to improve himself. Ara Chackerian is both a business owner and an investor. Even though he has had tremendous financial success, he continues to work hard every day. Many people enjoy working with Ara Chackerian on various projects. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

Business Owner

Ara Chackerian became a business owner many years ago. Although it was hard to start a company, he wanted more freedom in his life. He started several businesses before finding one that he was passionate about.

During the process of starting a company, Ara Chackerian made numerous mistakes. Although these mistakes cost him money, he just learned from the mistakes and moved on to other projects.

He uses his business knowledge to help business owners in multiple ways. He enjoys mentoring young people about the basics of business.


With his high income, Ara Chackerian has plenty of opportunities to invest for the future. He wants to own various assets that produce income each month. Ara Chackerian enjoys buying rental properties to rent to tenants. He also speculates in risky asset classes that can rapidly change in value.


Ara Chackerian is an active member of several charities. He wants to use his wealth and influence to impact the world positively. Unlike many successful business leaders, Ara Chackerian firmly believes that it is his responsibility to help others.

He leads several charities that add value to the lives of others. Not only does he mentor business students, but he also focuses on ways to improve his community. Some people lack access to basic education options. Ara Chackerian donates time and money to these communities to improve the local school system.

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Paul Mampilly Offers Useful Insights on Investments this Year

Befitting investment methods and rich background on financial matters will help an investor attain fiscal discipline and independence from long-standing arrears. The decision to pick areas and precise associations to invest in is not a simple process mostly if you are not an experienced player in the market. For those looking to be successful in investing, he/she should focus on three crucial areas according to Paul Mampilly.

The entertainment industry has been a significant consumer of technological innovation. In the past years the field was only imaginative in content creators’ minds, but with new technology, it is becoming achievable, and more quality video games produced each day. 3- D technology has been the chief aspect that has revolutionized the field and companies and individuals have put a considerable amount of money in this area.

Pharmaceutical products especially prescription drugs are another source of profitable investments as Paul Mampilly explains. With retail giants, Amazon announcing their entry in this business, efficiently eliminating the middleman that have profited in the trade for so long, the medical discipline is a very viable sector to invest. The effect of Amazon entry will help to streamline the industry and ensure a platform for profitable investments.

3- D printing and robotic technology is a new and significant player in the current world of architecture and building. The complicated technique ensures that half the time used in the building process by simplifying processes that were initially very complicated and time-consuming. Paul Mamphilly says that the technology is set to reduce the cost by almost half and ease the building process by providing solutions to historical challenges in the field.

On bitcoins, Mampilly opines that the cryptocurrencies will crash soon. The price of bitcoins is rising just because news indicates it will increase. The bubble forming will involve increased selling which will result in loss of value.

Paul Mampilly is a businessman who is a financial manager and has won a couple of awards among them the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment competition. In the past years, fans have seen Mampilly on many television programs on renowned networks such as Bloomberg TV and others such as CNBC. Paul is credited with the creation of Profits Unlimited, a company that advises people seeking to make a career in the stock market. Profits Unlimited has been termed as the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry after hitting 60,000 subscribers.

Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he graduated with a Business Administration in 1991. He joined Bankers Trust where he worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager before moving to Deutsche Bank and ING. To sharpen his intellect in the industry, he joined Fordham Graduate School of Business for a Master’s in Business Administration and graduated in 1997. Paul Mampilly rose to prominent positions where he helped transform various corporates. via Twitter

Hussain Sajwani Continues to Grow Catering and Real Estate Business

The city of Dubai is one of the most vibrant and electric cities in the world today. Over the past two decades it has seen a considerable amount of development and real estate revitalization. While there are many investors and developers that have contributed to this revitalization, one of the leading developers in the entire city is DAMAC Properties, which is owned and operated by Hussain Sajwani.


Hussain Sajwani has a long and successful history in the real estate industry. His career started back in 1982 shortly after he graduated from the University of Washington in the United States. While he was in school there he graduated with degrees in both economics and engineering, which gave him a great background to help him succeed in the real estate development industry.


Hussain Sajwani did not initially start in the real estate market. However, he has proven to be a great businessman and business owner ever since he graduated. Shortly after graduating in 1982 he started his own catering business. While it started small and was focused in the Dubai area, it has grown considerably ever since. Today, his catering company is one of the largest in the world as it produces more than 150,000 meals on a daily basis. It has locations all over the Middle East and parts of Africa.


After running his catering company for a long period of time, he decided that his next venture should be to get into the real estate industry. Using a group of connections that he had established over time, Hussain Sajwani was able to start DAMAC Properties in 2002. Hussain Sajwani was able to identify that the city of Dubai was going to be one of the most wealthy in the world due to the continued expansion of a variety of economies in the local area.


Since establishing the company in 2002, Hussain Sajwani has seen his real estate business grow to a very big size. Since starting it in 2002, the company has completed over 200 different projects all over the city and other areas of the Middle East and rest of the world.

Hussain Sajwani Owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties

Mr. Husain Sajwani is the proud owner and CEO of the very successful DAMAC Properties group in Dubai. He founded the company in 2002 and it continues to grow and thrive. DAMAC Properties provides luxury real estate solutions for people looking to live or already living in Dubai.

The group most recently unveiled an upscale space in the Business Bay area called Reva Residences. Reva Residences sits on the edge of the Dubai Canal and has one or two bedroom apartments available for sale. Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s, DAMAC Properties is excited to offer these apartments with full amenities in the newly developing Business Bay area. The building has its own concierge service, some of the best views in town and each apartment is decorated with luxurious modern decor.

Each apartment was well thought out with elegance and high class living at the forefront. There are beautiful cooks kitchens, large picture windows to take in the views. Even the bathrooms display the most modern fittings. It is a place fit for a king!

This area has much to offer. In addition to residents having easy access to their workplaces in Dubai, there is also a great nightlife, lots of dining options and entertainment to be had. The area also offers safe jogging and bicycling paths, there is, of course, a world-class-gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani the CEO of DAMAC Properties never forgets about the children. He also had installed a large children’s play place and there is an outdoor courtyard for the whole family to enjoy.

In addition to being the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is also quite the philanthropist. He is well known to donate to many charities in Dubai. These are mostly charities geared at supporting underprivileged children. Mr. Sajwani identifies with this cause as he came from humble beginnings himself.

Damac Owner, Hussain Sajwani on Youtube

All About Stellar From Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is an expert in blockchain cryptocurrency. He is a prominent programmer and known for his contribution especially in cryptocurrency. He developed Mr. Gox, which was the world’s first Bitcoin exchange. In addition, Jed has contributed to the development of decentralized networks such as eDonkey. The project was one of the earliest decentralized peer-to-peer sharing networks in the world. He developed eDonkey together with Sam Yagan, his fellow developer. eDonkey was the first network to adopt multisource downloading.

Foundation of Stellar

Jed identified many problems in financial systems around the world and developed Stellar to offer solutions to the flaws in 2014. Jed cofounded Stellar Development Foundation with Joyce Kim. Jed acts as the CTO of the institution. He also provides technical development of the venture. Stellar aims to provide a financial network, which will provide universal economic inclusion. Jed role at Stellar includes not only coding and improving technical aspects but also emails response and others aspects of the business. funds the Stellar network. The foundation is a nonprofit entity, which supports technology and financial literacy. In addition, the foundation is a significant contributor to open-source software. Jed McCaleb has a passion for innovating new technologies to solve problems in the world.

Stellar Idea

In an interview at IdeaMensch, Jed got the idea of Stellar after learning about bitcoin (distributed database). He also understood that bitcoin technology could provide solutions to many problems. He envisioned a need to create a system, which could connect financial firms giving rise to Stellar. Jed saw potential in growth in bitcoin technology and opted to develop the business network. Stellar acts as an interlink between financial institutions.

Jed hopes to connect financial institutions to over 2.5 billion of world population without bank accounts. Several upgrades of the Stellar network since its foundation in 2014 has improved its security and scalability. Additionally, the interface is now more straightforward and easy to maintain or extend. Jed McCaleb and his team adopted SCP, which is a security protocol from Stellar to enhance the safe use of the network. Additionally, the team carries regular integration tests and simulation to maximize safety. Stellar is keen on integrating smart contracts.

In addition to interest in bitcoin technology, Jed McCaleb also spends the time to research on artificial intelligence. He predicts a lot of potential in the AI. Jed attributes his success to focus, planning and implementing right strategies.

Entrepreneur Success Story: Joel Friant

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur, a successful trainer and a free market enthusiast who has also mastered several other fields like real estate, home based business and product creation. He has developed a passion to help people to succeed in life. He has also helped people to accomplish their expectations and to even exceed them in life through his successful training work.

Joel began venturing his life into the restaurant business by creating Thai fast food. This is long after he had already started working in real estate and home remodeling. It was during this time in the restaurant business that he created The Habanero Shaker which was a flagship product. The business to start making Habanero started when he tasted one while in high school that a friend gave to him, then later in life he went to Jamaica and tested several varieties of the habanero. Then he realized that there were not found in the market. He started his business of making and selling it to big grocery stores around Washington.

He went back and ventured into real estate business to help people become homeowners and rose to be a top sales person and opened a mortgage lending company. He later switched from the industry and began to study on the secret of life that makes some people be successful and others failures. He created a success concept known as “The Income Thermostat” and started to teach to people his understanding. He went on to start writing articles for success and also speaks in big seminars.

Joel, later on, ventured into online business and learned about cryptocurrencies and how he could take his habanero shaker to another level while selling products on eBay and Amazon. His original Habanero Shaker is made of faked hot habanero Chile peppers and is sugar-free sourced from the farm as fresh. The habanero shaker can now be found and bought on Amazon and it stands out from other products because of the combination of flavor and pepper heat and can be used in any meal either at home, car or in the office. It is highly flavorful and with a good taste often described as buttery and smoky.

AvaTrade Review: Trading Brought To You By A Market Leader

Foreign exchange is made possible by a powerful group of brokers who all work to maintain public access to forex. Foreign currencies are traded for a number of reasons. Some countries actually need the currencies of other nations when doing business with them. These nations will buy large amounts.

These large amounts are why the foreign exchange moves over 5 trillion in USD value everyday. The reason that all of this can happen resides with professional brokers who bring you current price-points, major news and flexible platforms to trade with. This is the standard brought to you by AvaTrade.

Getting Ahead In The Foreign Exchange

AvaTrade designed a system that allows you to get ahead within the currency markets. Getting ahead in this trading platform starts with the right data. Many firms have dealt with difficulties regarding regulating bodies and agencies. These cases come about if firms offer their traders false information.

The right information is crucial. AvaTrade is a leading platform because of its transparency. The leading traders of this world access sensitive data and try to extract as much valuable information as they can. This work-process can only happen when you are presented every tick and beat before your eyes.

Put Your Hopes In A Trusted Platform

AvaTrade is gaining more popularity due to it trustworthiness. The agency continues to live past the expectations of traders. It does so with timely payouts and transparent notifications. The stop-losses that major trading platforms are integrated with are also with AvaTrade.

The trust this platform has is a result of reliability. The agency gained its reputation over time and now works the forex market through innovation. The firm is regulated by the European Union and operates on a high level of integrity. Its platform is secure, easy to use and transparent for day-traders making fast decisions.