The Perks of Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living means what it says. Nursing “assistance” is available when needed but otherwise the patient is left to live their life in a home like setting. Families generally seek this kind of care for loved ones who wish to lead as normal a life as possible but still have medical assistance only steps way when their help is required. When it’s no longer possible or safe to live at home alone, assisted living does not have to mean giving up on independence.


The Manse on Marsh is an excellent example of what to expect from the finest in assisted living. Located in the pleasant area of San Luis Obispo in California, much more than skilled nursing is available at the Manse. When one considers all the advantages that come with living at one of these facilities, it’s no wonder why the residents of The Manse on Marsh seem so content with life.


Studies show that living closer to peers is satisfying in a way nothing else could be. The Manse on Marsh offers a variety of social programs for those that enjoy activity in their day, and with the laundry and housekeeping services offered at the Manse, there is plenty of time to do whatever they please. The Manse on Marsh understands that the older one gets, the more important self-sufficiency can become.   Read more about them on SeniorHousingNet, or check out this article about their latest Caring Star award.

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  1. 24-hour supervision and security go a long way towards the serenity to be found there. Every effort is made at this facility to ensure no one feels like a guest when the goal is to feel at home. It is also true that do have something nice to say about his chose goal.

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