Residential Properties Take Luxury Living To New Heights In New York City


New York City is the home of many astonishing residential properties. This fact has been proven many times in various articles that have been published in the real estate market’s publications. Another article was recently published on This article highlighted the latest luxury residential buildings to top the list. These buildings are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, two of the city’s most desirable locations.

Manhattan, according to this article, is a hot spot for luxury NYC real estate buildings. Four buildings were highlighted in the article. The Sky building, located at 605 W 42nd St, is a fitness and sports enthusiast’s dream. Studio apartments rent out for a starting price of $2300 a month. The One57 building, located at 157 W 57th St, is a haven for relaxation with its private library, yoga studio, and other amenities. Monthly rentals on this building start out around $13,500 for a one bedroom apartment. The building located at 15 William St. is another frantically sought after residential building in the city. This building offers amenities include a yoga studio, squash court, basketball court, dog park, and more. A one bedroom apartment can be purchased for just over a million dollars or a studio apartment can be rented for around $3000 a month.


There are several fantastic real estate companies located in New York City that can help locate and secure NYC real estate. One of the most prestigious groups is Town Residential. This real estate company has been in the city for many years. They have experience in every aspect of the real estate market industry. This includes purchases, sales, and leasing transactions.


Location is another reason Town Residential is a great real estate agency to work with. They have several offices located throughout the city, dedicated to apartments for sale in the city. This makes their agents convenient to the neighborhoods they are doing NYC real estate transactions in.


Many of these buildings are taking luxury living to new heights with fabulous views of the city and amazing amenities. Town Residential is a great agency to work with when looking for that perfect NYC real estate property.


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  1. Mima, also located in Manhattan is another fitness junkie’s paradise. Rentals in this building start around $4800 a month. New York City is home to many fabulous residential buildings. The truth of the matter is that the best writing service should also come with something that is very interesting.

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