New York City’s Best Work Space Workville


The Workville’s co-working space in NYC was established in 2016. Space is a very luxurious platform, and it is extremely welcoming. The company has been backed by two families which have many years experience in the New York real estate sector. The company core values are centered on entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Space is warm and very hospitable which gives it more appeal to its clients. Its space on Broadway 1412 on the 21st floor is executive and has a unique design, and its workspace is on an open floor in a high rise building whose distance from Times Square is commutable. The offices where members work from are sun-drenched, and the desks are very dedicated. There’s a light-filled café space where brainstorms, meetings can be conducted. The area can also be utilized for lunch breaks since it has a good ambiance.

The Workville work space has remained outstanding and value driven in the manner it conducts its events. The Workville work space events include; demo days, pitch nights, round tables, hackathons, cocktail hours and many more. The workspace is also very stable owing to the fact that the building from where it conducts its business is owned by the founder, this makes it free from interferences by external and internal factors. The success of the workspace is owed to the founders who have put a lot of resources to make it excellent since the customers are always expecting the best services in NYC to be found only in the space. A news letter is always published weekly which highlights the recent happenings to ensure members are informed early enough to attend. The news letter also brings to light the best and most excelling entrepreneurs of New York City.

A member of the space was recently awarded the best award in the white house swipes right event. With the unending informative resources that space is endowed with every member is sure of getting immense knowledge. For people looking for a platform where one can create a solid business, the network serves the purpose right because every member has an area of specification, from the interaction members learn from each other experiences and basically that’s what networking seeks.

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