Building Companies on a Regular Basis is Eric Pulier’s Staple

The New Jersey-born Harvard graduate is a basket of talent, intelligence, and breakthrough success. He started programming computers at an incredibly early age, went on to build a computer database company during high school and by the time he went to the prestigious Harvard, his writing skills were already sharpened. It was not long before he rose to the editorship of The Harvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier’s leadership in enterprise technology is recognized globally, not just by VAR Business, which named him among the 30 e-Visionaries. His insight and vision have helped to found more than 15 companies. As a founder of Service Oriented Infrastructure (SOA) software, his innovative approach gives him a competitive advantage.

Shrewd as always, he planned minor acquisitions that eventually made his startup company notable. When Rogue Wave Software came knocking, Pulier did not hesitate to make more than $350 million. His name is also synonymous with technology ventures such as DigitalEvolution, ServiceMash, US interactive, MediaPlatform, Desktone, and Acana. He has helped many business ventures by helping them to raise required funds. His portfolio in this particular category runs into hundreds of millions of dollars.

A kid who attended public school, Eric Pulier is an inspirational figure. His book, Understanding Enterprise SOA, is a great help for readers who have a desire to understand the ins and outs of enterprise technology. The book is a minefield of helpful information and insight. He has also shared his knowledge and insight as a public speaker. Anyone who has listened to Pulier’s moving speeches and presentations at global conferences and other forums would readily agree that indeed, he is a graceful and inspiring speaker.

Apart from pouring his personal resources into ensuring a memorable summer camp experiences for kids with chronic illnesses, Eric Pulier has used his special set of skills to build a safe media channel for the chronically ill kids to establish connections and mingle freely with their peers.

Currently, Eric Pulier is a member and executive director of Clinton Global Initiative and Enterprise Leadership Council respectively. He lives in Los Angeles, surrounded by the love of his four children. He owns a classy restaurant and Nightclub in Santa Monica, CA.

Why Securus Technologies is a Vital Tool For Communicating

If you’re wanting to communicate with an inmate who has been incarcerated within the premises of a jail for quite some time but have been unable to visit, then perhaps this new state-of-the-art program called Securus Technologies can help you in achieving what you have been wanting to do.


Securus Technologies is a program that has been presented to our communities as a communications tools that allows people to chat with inmates who may be their relatives, significant others, or friends via methods of video conferencing on computer devices. It is a very convenient form of communications that makes visitation easy, as opposed to what is typically known as being a lengthy process. Setting up appointments for visitation can be difficult when appointments are taken up due to busy jail times.


Jails are often so busy that making appointments can be difficult as the times are scheduled and taken up by other visitors of other inmates. Securus Technologies skips the physical jail scheduling appointment making process and simple allows people to schedule appointments in which they can have a visitation session with the inmate through a video conferencing session. The sessions are monitored by law enforcement agencies and has been vital in uncovering crimes in the past as certain things within the video chats may be discussed and be of criminal nature. Please be sure to contact one of the help desk’s representatives as they will be glad to assist you with any concerns, questions, or remarks you may have in pertinence to the program. Please note that it is a program that is to be used as a way to communicate and keep in touch and not necessarily for every day use. Jails will often require the scheduling to be approved by them so visit the website to see if the correctional facility where the inmate is jailed in allows its usage.


Brad Reifler Rescues Small Scale Investors from High Management Fees

Brad Reifler is a New-York based serial entrepreneur. He is the current CEO of ForeFront Income Trust, which he founded in 2009. He has over 20 years of experience in finance, asset management, hedge funds, investment advisory, and management of equities. Mr. Reifler enjoys spending his time playing tennis, horse riding, motorbike riding, and reading. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College in 1981 with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science.

Career Background

After graduating from College, Brad Reifler founded Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. In 1992, he founded Reifler Capital Management, which was a subsidiary of Reifler Trading Corporation. He later sold the company to Refco in 2000. In 1995, Brad Reifler founded Pali Capital and became the company’s Chairman and CEO. The company experienced tremendous growth through a $200 million increase in revenue in every financial year. He left the company in 2008 and launched Forefront Capital Markets Management.

Brad Reifler experience with the global markets has seen him serve as a director of different companies such as Wins Finance Holdings, Root Exchange, ITG Market Research, and Property Development. He has been on the Board of Directors at European American Investment Bank, Genesis Securities, and the Foresight Research Solutions.

Small Scale Investors

Three major problems hinder the investors from experiencing financial growth according to Brad Reifler. One of the biggest problems lies with the limitations for the non-accredited investors on the investments that they are supposed to make. The restrictions have created a large pool of small non-accredited investors who have to compete for the few investment opportunities available that have a high correlation with the stock markets. The large firms also charge the investors very high management fees which challenging to the investors.

Forefront Capital Markets Management

Reifler concern for the small investors led to the founding of the Forefront Capital. Reifler has decided to provide the investments reserved for the wealthy and the accredited investors to help the small entrepreneurs make profits. His company does not charge management fee until the investor makes 8% income. There is no correlation between the investments and the stock and equity markets. Therefore, the downside fluctuations in the market do not affect the investor.

What You Probably Didn’t Know about Waiakea’s 400% Growth Record

Using the little science knowledge, we all understand that water is crucial for our bodies. Often, health professionals have advised eight glasses a day as a standard measure to a healthy living. However, little is told regarding the kind of water to consume.

Over time, most individuals ought to consume purified (bottled) water. On a professional’s perspective, the packaged water contains many minerals which are not only safe to the body, but also helpful in aiding the body functioning.

By digging shallowly about the beverages in the market, you will notice, among all, bottled water is among the most hated. But the question remains, why do we still have bottled water companies in operation?

To Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Water, bottled water is a business with lots of opportunities beyond anyone’s expectations. According to Emmons, the successful entrepreneur, to survive in the water bottling company, creativity and healthy content comes first.

Forbes said that the 22-year old Ryan Emmons launched the Waiakea Water Company. With even little knowledge regarding the bottling industry, you will know that Ryan’s company has been experiencing incredible growth. To many, this particular industry only allows the survival for the old-fellows in the game, but to Ryan, there is always an opportunity for everyone.

Who would imagine, Waiakea Waters would one day dominate the market? No one, but its founder certainly had the idea of where the company was headed in the next coming years. Emmons says that his success has been promoted by the fact that he is in a position to create a sustainable product which offers unique health benefits to the consumer while minding the environment in terms of packaging.

Waiakea Water is collected from the snow-capped peak of Mauna Loa Volcano, known to be the purest environment on earth. This collection point ensures that their water remains rich in minerals which are needed in the consumer’s body.

Today, Waiakea Water’s impact into the industry can never go unnoticed. Many refer to the company as ‘the kid in the block living the lifestyle of those in the 50’s’.

Since establishment in 2012, the company has grown 400% which is beyond the expectations of every big individual in the game. By carrying out a quick calculation, this means that the company has been growing at a rate of 170% annually since it has been in the industry for three and a half years.

Emmons utilizes the services of local distributors who willingly sign up with the company. As a result, the company’s sales have been peaking at an amazing rate.

The company that used to handle about 2300 cases now boasts of selling more than 122000 cases every year. Today, Waiakea Water Company is worth $10 million and the fact that it has been in the game for less than four years is evident that it is focused on the game.

Eric Pulier Mixes Software and Philanthropy

A Kid Genius Grows Up

Writing his first programs in the 4th grade, Eric Pulier was destined to succeed as a software developer. After graduating from Harvard University he quickly established himself as one of the most important software developers of the 90s. His patents covered just about everything you can think of in terms of 90s software. He created remote desktop software, application programming interfaces, and everything in between. His software made him a fortune, but he didn’t allow it to distract from things far more important.

Giving Back To The World

Philanthropy is at the core of much of what Pulier does. He has a profound talent for software and he wants to use that talent to make the world around him a better place. An example of this philanthropy was the creation of the Starbright World social network. In the mid 90s the Starbright Foundation wanted to create a social network for the children under its care. It eventually asked Pulier to create a social network for the hospitals within its system. Even today children in Starbright hospitals continue to use the social network to connect with others facing chronic illness.

Eric Pulier Today

As a father of four children, Eric Pulier continues to use his talent to make the world a better place. He wants to give his children a better world than the world hew was born in and he uses his talent for programming to bring his vision as close to reality as he can. Much of his work focusing on the Clinton Global Initiative and other philanthropic efforts.

Sustainability And Human Rights On The Agenda Of The QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has lived a life that may seem difficult to believe for many people who have read the story of this Malaysia born business leader who explored many different areas of the world before finally settling on a career as a direct sales specialist. The life of Vijay Eswaran included a large amount of religious and yoga study when he was a child during a period when his family moved around the country due to the nature of his Vijay’s Father’s government based job.

The training in yoga and meditation undertaken by Vijay Eswaran from a young age is still forming a major part of his everyday life as he meditates for at least an hour each day to prepare for every working day. Eswaran has used this technique to make sure his mind is free of what he sees as the clutter we all amass in out minds during each and every day in the 21st century because of the access we have to digital media on Facebook and 24 hour news; by making sure his mind is free of what he sees as not important to his working day Eswaran explains he can concentrate on the future of the QI Group in a far more intensive way.

Read more @vjayeswaran

One thing that seems to constantly be on the mind of Vijay Eswaran is how he can best help the people of the world achieve more than ever before through his own work and that of the QI Group. Under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran the QI group recently became part of the United Nations Global Compact agreement, which allows companies to work towards achieving ten specified goals focusing on sustainability and the maintaining of human rights for all workers. Around the world, the QI Group is always seeking out new ways of supporting the people of the world when they are in need; a group of QI employees in India at took part in the relief program in the province of Chennai when major flooding hit the region. Disaster relief kits were supplied by the QI Group to around 200 families as part of the program that assisted those who had been left vulnerable by the rising flood waters.