Sustainability And Human Rights On The Agenda Of The QI Group’s Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran has lived a life that may seem difficult to believe for many people who have read the story of this Malaysia born business leader who explored many different areas of the world before finally settling on a career as a direct sales specialist. The life of Vijay Eswaran included a large amount of religious and yoga study when he was a child during a period when his family moved around the country due to the nature of his Vijay’s Father’s government based job.

The training in yoga and meditation undertaken by Vijay Eswaran from a young age is still forming a major part of his everyday life as he meditates for at least an hour each day to prepare for every working day. Eswaran has used this technique to make sure his mind is free of what he sees as the clutter we all amass in out minds during each and every day in the 21st century because of the access we have to digital media on Facebook and 24 hour news; by making sure his mind is free of what he sees as not important to his working day Eswaran explains he can concentrate on the future of the QI Group in a far more intensive way.

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One thing that seems to constantly be on the mind of Vijay Eswaran is how he can best help the people of the world achieve more than ever before through his own work and that of the QI Group. Under the leadership of Vijay Eswaran the QI group recently became part of the United Nations Global Compact agreement, which allows companies to work towards achieving ten specified goals focusing on sustainability and the maintaining of human rights for all workers. Around the world, the QI Group is always seeking out new ways of supporting the people of the world when they are in need; a group of QI employees in India at took part in the relief program in the province of Chennai when major flooding hit the region. Disaster relief kits were supplied by the QI Group to around 200 families as part of the program that assisted those who had been left vulnerable by the rising flood waters.

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  1. I must say that he has done an enormous job already in bringing up top professionals in the industry and that is what we want from our business leaders. However there is still much work to be done though he has tried in ensuring that he tries to inspire so many people through his works, others need to buy into his dream. His success story is one that I think is achieved in a platform of hard work.

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