Kim Dao Attends the Etude House Makeup Festival

“Get Ready With Me in KOREA: Etude House Festival Makeup” is a fun video that makeup lovers will appreciate from Kim Dao. As a voiceover of Kim Dao speaking plays, we get to see the excitement of the event as Kim Dao explains that she and Sunny were invited by Etude House to attend. Kim Dao even got to attend a concert at the event where she saw Krystal from f(x) and other well known Korean celebrities. Using Etude House products and other well known makeup brands such as M.A.C., Kim Dao shows us how she got ready for event. The first product that she used was the Etude House Face Blur primer. She continues until her face is completely done, and she looks fully ready for the day’s events. The packaging for each product is so girly and soft, you just want to use each one. For an extra glam effect, Kim Dao adds glitter just beneath the corner of her eye. Then she’s off to the event. The different booths for each brand and product has some wonderful goodies on display for sampling and even to take home. Kim Dao and Sunny enjoy the event applying the new products to their skin, and listening to beauty leaders in the industry.

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VTA Publications CEO Jim Hunt Tells People What To Expect In Market During Trump Presidency

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always finding the next big trade after doing hours of financial research, and he’s also a voice for investors that is free of big money corporations or political affiliations. He recently decided to offer his take on the markets in light of Donald Trump’s presidency at He said while the market cratered during the first few days after the election, the results have been far less disconcerting than activity in both the 1980 and 2008 elections. He has mentioned that investors should not get overly excited about the recent record numbers in the Dow index because they are likely to fall back down sometime down the road. He does believe that stocks in the industrial sector have a chance to perform well in the coming term.

Jim Hunt is the founder and CEO of VTA Publications, a company he started to provide information for investors ready to take charge of their finances without going through the bank. He once worked for a big bank but left because he felt customers were being unfairly taken advantage of. VTA Publications publishes out its distance learning material in both print and electronic format and has distributed the material to customers all over the world. Customers can learn about finances related to retirement and the bible, using stock charts and making trades of little-known options, and having access to seminars hosted by some of the world’s most successful businessmen.

Jim Hunt has also started a YouTube channel in addition to VTA Publications. His followers are given a look at the trades he makes, and he shows them which stocks they should buy or sell in a particular situation on Ideamensch. To show even more just how easy stock trades can be, he started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is a look at where the money goes in a bear market and how you can make two phone calls regarding investing that can make a profit when the money turns. He shows how just 10 stock trades can turn into millions in pounds with “Making Mum a Millionaire.” To find out more about Hunt’s company, you can visit

Brian Bonar: Making Significant Changes in the Financial World

Brian Bonar has established himself as a leader in the financial world. He strives to help his team members achieve their goals and has also participated in different education programs.

In 2010, Brian was named in the Cambridge Who’s who Executive of the Year in Finance. This award is a great honor in the financial world, and it has helped improve his reputation. He was honored for his academic qualifications and leadership skills.


It is his technical background that has helped build his career. Brian holds a Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. He later advanced his career by pursuing his Master in Mechanical Engineering at the Stafford University.

His career

With three decades in the financial sector, Brian has amassed himself with knowledge and skills. He is an expert in contract negotiation, strategic partnership, mergers and acquisition, and corporate development. e began his career right after leaving college, and his first position was procurement manager at the IBM Company. For 16 years, he was responsible for outsourcing the Company’s motherboards.

He resigned from the Company and joined the QMS as the Director of Engineering. He was in charge of managing 100 software and hardware engineers.

His sales and marketing career began soon after he left the QMS Company. He joined the Rastek Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. At the Company, he was responsible for the sales of the printing technology.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar left the Company in 1993 and soon joined the Adaptec as the Sales Manager. He was responsible for establishing relationships with the Japanese and Korean Manufacturers.

Brian founded his first Company– Beziers System in 1994. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer for a year. Brian has also served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the iTec Imaging Technologies.

He founded and served as the managing member of the AMS outsourcing Company. He served the Company for six years and later resigned. Before founding the AMS Company, Brian served as the President of the Allegiant Professional Business Services and was in charge of Sales Marketing of the insurance products.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Dalrada Financials. He joined the Company in 1999 and has been in charge of guiding and providing strategies for sales and management.

He also serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept since 2011. He deals with temporary staffing and also marketing the insurance products and services.

Besides being a financial expert, Brian has developed other interests including golfing and boating. During his free time, he likes to spend time with his family.

Lip Balm’s New Look: An Innovative and Creative Way to Repackage Lip Balm by EOS

Everyone over a certain age recalls how lip balm has always been packaged as a small tube designed to push the lip balm out in a circular stick. Chapstick® is known for its small cylinder tube of lip balm that delivers soothing lotion to dry, cracked lips easily. Blistex is another Well known company that follows Chapstick’s® lead in providing soothing lip balm in simple and easy to use cylinder tubes.

Seven years ago Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller teamed up with Craig Dubitsky to change the packaging to get away from what they considered was too clinical. Dubitsky soon left the organization for other endeavors. They would name their new organization Evolution of Smooth or EOS ( to attract a new market that was willing and eager for a change.

Coming up with the orb design did take some time and effort but was well worth it. The testing of the product with its new packaging was a huge success. For some it was an innovation that had been waiting to happen for a long time. The younger generations especially took to the orb packaging and enjoyed the wide variety of flavors such as grapefruit and honey dew.

The founders’ main focus in the beginning was women who seemed to really latch onto the product in droves. Men still preferred the basic tube that companies like Chapstick® and Blistex still produce. Women really loved the orb packaging and the way that the lip balm engaged all five senses. Their tagline would soon read “the lip balm that makes you smile.” Millennial women are now their focus.

With over one billion unit sales per week, EOS has proven that this new innovation is a hit. EOS has created a good niche market for this innovative lip balm for years to come. EOS products are available on Costco, Walmart and Target Stores. Online purchase can be done thru Amazon and eBay,