Securus Technologies Key in the War on Drugs in Prison

The war on drugs inside the prison is just as serious as it is on the outside. The big difference is that me and my fellow corrections officers are in close contact with inmates who become much more dangerous when they are high. If even one inmate were to take too much heroin or crack, then not only am I in danger, but so is all the visitors, staff, officers, and other inmates. This is why we spend a considerable part of our day making sure that drugs are not making their way into our prison.


To stamp out any chance of illegal drugs getting into our facility, my team of corrections officers have a routine we follow each day that allows us to identify any instances of drug use. The first thing we do is send a group of officers to the visitor center each day and search both the inmates and the guests. These guests are warned about taking anything into the jail and trying to pass it to the inmates. My team will search the cells too while inmates are either eating or in the yard, while another team inspects all the mail.


When Securus Technologies put their inmate call monitoring system in our jail, we gained one of the more powerful resources that we have had to date. The LBS software can detect conversations across all the lines, and alert my team if inmates are talking about a number of things. We use the system to allow us to be in one place while the calls are closely monitored. Now when inmates are trying to ask family or friends to sneak them in some drugs, we take action. If inmates are using or hiding drugs, we can take action immediately and make the facility safer for everyone.

Akhil Reddy, DDS, MB2 Dental Solutions: One of Many on a Great Team

No one likes going to a dentist, until their tooth hurts that is. Once that oral pain begins, it is difficult if not impossible to shake off and your local dentist becomes your best friend. Imagine though that you went in to your dentist and they did not have the necessary suite of tools or specialized training required to take care of your dental pain. Thankfully, there is a company working diligently to ensure such an event does not take place. MB2 Dental Solutions is providing local dentists with the much needed set of tools required to them who provide the dental services everyone from toddlers to the elderly rely on when they need it most.Affiliated in eighty different locations across six states, MB2 Dental Solutions attracts the loyalty of many doctors in both small and larger practices.

The loyalty MB2 Dental enjoys from its affiliated doctors is no coincidence, after all the company was founded on the idea that physicians working together can accomplish more through unified effort and collaboration.Akhil Reddy, DDS, one of the many affiliates in the MB2 Dental Solutions family, is a perfect example of the quality of professional found at MD2 Dental. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Dental Surgery from The University of the Pacific, Dr. Reddy returned to his hometown to start his own practice. With his firm belief in affordability and quality, Dr. Reddy realized the great benefit of being partnered with other dedicated professionals and soon joined the MD2 Dental family. Now, Dr. Reddy is an important member of the MD2 Dental network.

Dr. Reddy spoke about the growth of MB2 Dental in an interview on Ideamensch. “As I grew in my dental career, I began to love coaching and mentoring [other] doctors,” said Dr. Reddy, capturing the essence of how doctors can work together to improve patient care. Dr. Reddy elaborated that as MB2 Dental grew, “the highest priority of increasing access to care was in mind,” which meant that while the task was mentoring and coaching other doctors, the focus remained on the patients.Dr. Reddy applies his unique focus on quality and affordability to many facets of his life. In an article published in the French Tribune, Dr. Reddy outlined five different stylish, tasteful wines which not only were heavenly on the pallet, but easy on the pocket book. As a connoisseur of fine wines, just as in his dental practice, Dr.Reddy, and indeed many other affiliates of MD2 Dental, demonstrates his interest in helping others find quality products and services at an affordable price.

Logan Stout: Chief Entrepreneur Of ID Life Products

Logan Stout was involved in playing baseball and sports when he was young. He always had a mindset on winning both in the classroom even when it involved his hobbies. He was born and raised in Texas. Logan also graduated from high school in the same place. During his time in school, he was serving as a member of the student athletic council. He had earned the term MVP due to his prowess in playing basketball as a senior as well as a junior. In Pearce high school, he used to play baseball and basketball.

Logan Stout has participated in at least 17 World Series events being a player and in his coaching career too. His educational background is worth recognizing for he holds a business degree from Panola and a psychology degree from Dallas. Logan won several awards in his college baseball career. He was serving as a minister for the youth while coaching baseball at the Dallas Baptist University. He was once a player in Fort Worth Cats immediately he completed his college education.

His most reminiscing memories was when he used to play baseball with his friends and teammates, and his coaching experience. He enjoys mentoring young players who are still struggling. His passion and commitment to the game have seen him develop Dallas Patriots which is one of the largest baseball organizations. His key strategy was to ensure players get a chance to build their skills.

His acute mindset has developed him to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Other than coaching, training, and ministering to people, he also wants people to attain good health. It led him towards establishing a healthcare product company, ID life.

About ID Life

ID Life is a health product company that focuses on good health and wellness putting personalized nutrition on the forefront. Logan who has achieved top production in two direct sales firms is attributed for the success of ID Life. The company designs vitamin packs that are specially made based on factors such as sex and age, a few to mention.

ID Life draws its scientific data from over 7,500 clinical studies. It uses the network marketing business model. It means that no retailers are involved in transacting business. ID life compensation plan and right timing have scaled up the company’s products over the years.

Duda Melzer, A Brazilian Family Based Entrepreneur’s Success

Being a leader in Brazilian media, Duda Melzer is probably a name known by most people. If not, he’s a great leader worth studying. At 45 years old, he’s the CEO of two family based media companies, and a widely recognized entrepreneur internationally. The companies that Duda heads are Grupo RBS and e.Bricks Digital and e.Bricks Ventures. Grupo RBS is known for traditional media such as news, radio, and television. e.Bricks (Digital and Ventures) are the digital media component, which focuses on online media and advertising. Duda Melzer’s background makes him the perfect leader for each type of business.

Grupo RBS was started by Duda Melzer’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho. After his passing in the 1980’s, Duda’s uncle Nelson Sirotsky took over as the leader. Duda prepared for the role by working in the family business and making his education a priority. He graduated from college in Brazil with a business administration degree. He then went on to earn an MBA from the prestigious Harvard University. Equipped with many contacts in the business world, and gaining career experience in the US, he then moved on to take over as the leader of his family’s business. Visit Clicrbs for more info.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer came back to the family business with experience as a leader in media and experience in finance. His expertise in these areas made it clear that he was ready to advance the agenda of Grupo RBS to include digital media. Not only did he create the e.Bricks brand for online media, but also to provide venture capital funding to offline businesses. This plan worked out incredibly well and provided an opportunity to advance Brazilian business and Duda’s company as well. To date, the e.Bricks companies have provided over 300 million in funding to selected businesses. It’s easy to see why there’s such extensive list of accolades given to this younger Brazilian entrepreneur.


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