Akhil Reddy, DDS, MB2 Dental Solutions: One of Many on a Great Team

No one likes going to a dentist, until their tooth hurts that is. Once that oral pain begins, it is difficult if not impossible to shake off and your local dentist becomes your best friend. Imagine though that you went in to your dentist and they did not have the necessary suite of tools or specialized training required to take care of your dental pain. Thankfully, there is a company working diligently to ensure such an event does not take place. MB2 Dental Solutions is providing local dentists with the much needed set of tools required to them who provide the dental services everyone from toddlers to the elderly rely on when they need it most.Affiliated in eighty different locations across six states, MB2 Dental Solutions attracts the loyalty of many doctors in both small and larger practices.

The loyalty MB2 Dental enjoys from its affiliated doctors is no coincidence, after all the company was founded on the idea that physicians working together can accomplish more through unified effort and collaboration.Akhil Reddy, DDS, one of the many affiliates in the MB2 Dental Solutions family, is a perfect example of the quality of professional found at MD2 Dental. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science and Doctorate of Dental Surgery from The University of the Pacific, Dr. Reddy returned to his hometown to start his own practice. With his firm belief in affordability and quality, Dr. Reddy realized the great benefit of being partnered with other dedicated professionals and soon joined the MD2 Dental family. Now, Dr. Reddy is an important member of the MD2 Dental network.

Dr. Reddy spoke about the growth of MB2 Dental in an interview on Ideamensch. “As I grew in my dental career, I began to love coaching and mentoring [other] doctors,” said Dr. Reddy, capturing the essence of how doctors can work together to improve patient care. Dr. Reddy elaborated that as MB2 Dental grew, “the highest priority of increasing access to care was in mind,” which meant that while the task was mentoring and coaching other doctors, the focus remained on the patients.Dr. Reddy applies his unique focus on quality and affordability to many facets of his life. In an article published in the French Tribune, Dr. Reddy outlined five different stylish, tasteful wines which not only were heavenly on the pallet, but easy on the pocket book. As a connoisseur of fine wines, just as in his dental practice, Dr.Reddy, and indeed many other affiliates of MD2 Dental, demonstrates his interest in helping others find quality products and services at an affordable price.

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