Securus Technologies Key in the War on Drugs in Prison

The war on drugs inside the prison is just as serious as it is on the outside. The big difference is that me and my fellow corrections officers are in close contact with inmates who become much more dangerous when they are high. If even one inmate were to take too much heroin or crack, then not only am I in danger, but so is all the visitors, staff, officers, and other inmates. This is why we spend a considerable part of our day making sure that drugs are not making their way into our prison.


To stamp out any chance of illegal drugs getting into our facility, my team of corrections officers have a routine we follow each day that allows us to identify any instances of drug use. The first thing we do is send a group of officers to the visitor center each day and search both the inmates and the guests. These guests are warned about taking anything into the jail and trying to pass it to the inmates. My team will search the cells too while inmates are either eating or in the yard, while another team inspects all the mail.


When Securus Technologies put their inmate call monitoring system in our jail, we gained one of the more powerful resources that we have had to date. The LBS software can detect conversations across all the lines, and alert my team if inmates are talking about a number of things. We use the system to allow us to be in one place while the calls are closely monitored. Now when inmates are trying to ask family or friends to sneak them in some drugs, we take action. If inmates are using or hiding drugs, we can take action immediately and make the facility safer for everyone.

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