Todd Lubar On The Potential Of Smart Home Technology

Innovations of new technologies and improvements to existing technology are the drivers of the modern global economy. Throughout history innovative ideas such as irrigation have helped improve the lives of human beings and assisted in taking society to the next level. Todd Lubar does not believe this progress can attributed to government policies or good luck. He believes that savvy entrepreneurs helped innovate and trigger the changes that helped benefit the average citizen. Another good example is the steam engine, which revolutionized water and ground transportation. The new technology reduced the time spent travel and created many high paying jobs. This pattern repeats itself whenever a new disruptive technology appears. Old low paying jobs are eliminated and replaced with better paying jobs. While innovation occurs regularly in most competitive industries, the real estate industry is usually very slow to incorporate new technologies. However, savvy investors such as Todd Lubar usually take ideas from the IT industry and use them innovate in real estate.

The current innovation that will take real estate to another level is smart home technology. This is technology that is used to grant home owners control of their house from anywhere with an internet connection. Smart home technology is usually achieved via home furnishings and gadgets. Smart homes become viable when the Internet of Things became possible. The internet of things is a network of ordinary home appliances that have internet access. No one can pinpoint a single event that led to the creation of the Internet of Things. Instead the Internet of Things grew organically as different entrepreneurs independently brought new products to the market.

A typical smart home will have many devices that connect to the Internet of Things. The base of any smart home is a smart phone or any computer that acts as the control center of the smart home. Home owners can then control the gadgets in their house using a mobile app or web application.

Todd Lubar is a renowned real estate entrepreneur who is at the forefront of smart home technology. He has built a reputation for combining new technology with the real estate business. He is an alumnus of Syracuse University where he obtained a degree in Speech Communication. He has many years of experience and he is currently the president of TDL Global Adventures.



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