Glen Wakeman, CEO of LaunchPad is a Force in the Finance Kingdom

Glen Wakeman is a legend in the finance world with notable footprints all over his career path. The CEO of LaunchPad Holdings LLC graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scantron. In addition, he holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. LaunchPad Holdings LLC is a SAAS company that was started in 2015. Early in his career, Glen held various roles starting out in P&L and business development.

Wakeman is a respectable voice and offers valuable input in various financial platforms globally. His great exposure is an immense advantage. Glen Wakeman has successfully operated businesses in 30 regional areas all over the world and hosted as a resident in six countries. He is keen on the emerging market trends and passionate about every aspect of innovation and development in the business sector.

As an entrepreneur, the contribution of Glen in the business space is tangible. He has a steady workforce of over 17,000 staff and assets worth $15 Billion. This is a true measure of success. Wakeman is re-known for his 5 key performance methodology which is: governance, execution, risk management, human capital, and leadership.

A number of C-level executives are beneficiaries of his mentorship. Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees still enjoy his counsel. Many others are drawing exemplary business acumen through Glen’s regular blog post on emerging markets, strategy, international fiscal matters, divestitures, management, and administration, among others.

According to Glen Wakeman, his productivity is driven by an insatiable curiosity that gives him muscles to stand the problem-solving process. With all the success to his name, Wakeman is still actively involved in the daily operations of his businesses. He spends his typical day reviewing numbers, researching emerging client trends, responding to communications, keeping a close look at his competitors, reviewing inquiries and planning on growing the business further.

Glen is a great ambassador of innovation, growth and executive development, with immense success in his undertakings.

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