Fabletics Is Forward-Thinking Fashion

We are in a unique period of fashion evolution. This transition doesn’t just refer to the clothes themselves, but how we shop for them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fashion combinations, particularly when it comes to athletic and casual leisure clothes. However, with Amazon cornering 20% of the online fashion market, and storefronts struggling to turn a profit, the options for the actual shopping part can seem stagnant and boring. Luckily, the innovative and creative Kate Hudson has come up with the retail shopping revival all of us shopping enthusiasts so desperately needed.


Fabletics is a subscription based clothing company that combines the best brands, newest trends, and individual customer preferences to create a supremely satisfying shopping experience. Once you have taken the personalized style quiz, Fabletics will curate and send you a box of new, stylish athletic wear, also referred to as athlesiure clothing, for a reasonable monthly subscription price. Having a genuine understanding of your style, activity level and preferences is what allows Fabletics to set itself apart from other fashion retailers and deliver the change of pace you’ve been craving. You can even take a month off from the subscription service to solo shop all of the fantastic Fabletics clothing and accessories, then resume the service without any hassle.


In addition to their makeover of the online shopping experience, Fabletics as breathed new life into the brick-and-mortar storefront shopping experience. Most customers use physical shopping as a means to browse for things they’ll shop online for later at cheaper prices. While most storefront clothing retailers use high pressure sales tactics and other outdated sales methods, Fabletics has decided to embrace the browsers by making physical retail just another extension of their services. By using data collected online and at community events, you can rest assured that your instore experience will be every bit as enjoyable as your subscription. The way Fabletics puts your in store preferences into your online account, and gives you updates on in store events and sales makes shopping seamless no matter how you choose to do it.


Whether your goal is the ultimate athletic performance, stylish comfort wear, or just something out of the ordinary, Fabletics has precisely what you’re looking for- even if you didn’t know you were looking for it. And with the addition of items like dresses, swimwear, and footwear, it is only a matter of time before your whole wardrobe makes you as happy as your athleisure wear!

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