Samuel Strauch Showcases The Keys To Success

Samuel Strauch is the man with the plan, at least when it comes to his work with the real estate development company Metrik Real Estate. Strauch maneuvered into real estate after a fruitful trip to Miami where he saw the city was growing developments left and right while becoming a true tourist destination.

Strauch knew that he had the skills to network both in the United States and internationally and soon he would become the Principal over at Metrik Real Estate. Now, years later, Metrik Real Estate has turned into one of the bigger development companies in the state and Strauch is ready to share his expertise.

As we stated above, Samuel Strauch decided to move into the real estate game after visiting Miami on a business trip unrelated to real estate development. Samuel Strauch saw that the city and, really, the state was undergoing a huge transformation. Strauch knew that he could target his international work and utilize it with a ambitious investors in order to really get the ball rolling. Strauss was quickly getting Metrik into shape and before long it was more than just a local branch.

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur, no matter what industry you are operating in, is all about being able to stick to your gameplan when you need to and evolve it when you have to. Strauch starts each day by focusing on the people-person aspect of his company. There is no success in real estate without being able to look across the table at a client, smile, and share a moment with them. Strauch stresses the importance of meeting up with investors, partners, brokers and clients and really selling your ability at those meetings. Strauch goes on to say, “It also becomes fun and you can establish nice friendships with some of the people you are doing business with.”

Perhaps the greatest thing that Samuel Strauch says about his company is that he focuses on being forward thinking. Strauch believes that always pushing, immediately focusing on new ideas, has pushed Metrik Real Estate far and away from their competition. So far we can’t argue with the results!


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