Be Prepared with the Brown Agency

Walking into the casting call, nerves can set in and take over your whole body. The casting representative ask if you have a head shot available. You quickly reach over and hand your photo over, they look down and ask if you have any more head shots. You panic and let them know that that was the only one you had with you. You weren’t knowledgeable about what was needed and have just received a negative response in the first few seconds that you have been in the casting call and you feel uncertain about your new-found career.


Many have been in this position and in the era of social media being a major presence for scouts to find talent, it has left many new unrepresented models to figure things out for themselves and not being prepared for what the industry insiders might want for their jobs. This has become the new reality and as an up and comer in the industry, it could be a tough industry to go alone with. Model and talent agencies have always acted as the go between for the model and the talent scouts who are looking for that fresh face. It has prevailed as a wonderful way to help the model or actor not have the added stress of the worrying about the other side of the business. Model agency’s like the Brown Agency in Austin, TX have built up a reputation for being a loyal provider for its talent by supplying the leads and knowledge that goes with being contracted out to modeling and acting gigs.


The Brown Agency is well versed in modeling and acting and provides its talent with the proper training and understanding to be able to compete and excel in casting calls. This prestigious agency who is under the umbrella of Wilhelmina Models, is the right fit for talent that want to be polished and refined when competing in the fashion and acting industry. The Brown Agency sets its company apart by being one of the biggest industry leaders in the southwest region and having a diverse talent pool that is second to none. You can visit their Instagram page.


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