Ara Chackerian Business Owner

Ara Chackerian has had a distinguished career in various industries. Throughout his career, he has tried to improve in every way. He continually reads books and goes to seminars in an attempt to improve himself. Ara Chackerian is both a business owner and an investor. Even though he has had tremendous financial success, he continues to work hard every day. Many people enjoy working with Ara Chackerian on various projects. Check out Vimeo to see more videos.

Business Owner

Ara Chackerian became a business owner many years ago. Although it was hard to start a company, he wanted more freedom in his life. He started several businesses before finding one that he was passionate about.

During the process of starting a company, Ara Chackerian made numerous mistakes. Although these mistakes cost him money, he just learned from the mistakes and moved on to other projects.

He uses his business knowledge to help business owners in multiple ways. He enjoys mentoring young people about the basics of business.


With his high income, Ara Chackerian has plenty of opportunities to invest for the future. He wants to own various assets that produce income each month. Ara Chackerian enjoys buying rental properties to rent to tenants. He also speculates in risky asset classes that can rapidly change in value.


Ara Chackerian is an active member of several charities. He wants to use his wealth and influence to impact the world positively. Unlike many successful business leaders, Ara Chackerian firmly believes that it is his responsibility to help others.

He leads several charities that add value to the lives of others. Not only does he mentor business students, but he also focuses on ways to improve his community. Some people lack access to basic education options. Ara Chackerian donates time and money to these communities to improve the local school system.

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