All Students Are Able To Receive a Quality Education Thanks To Rocketship Education Public Charter Schools

Thanks to the efforts of Rocketship Education, a public charter school system that is sweeping over California, students from low-income families are able to experience quality education at a level never seen before. Rocketship schools have recently been spreading into new communities around the country as well. For many, the high cost of living, especially in California, leaves parents without the ability to send their kids to good schools that provide good teaching to all of their students. A good education is important for all students, not just those that come from wealthy families. Test scores prove this fact, considering the majority of students can perform well when given a quality education regardless of where they come from.

This is why Rocketship Education uses a system known as MAP, Measures of Academic Progress, that is not yet too popular among public schools in the United States. This is unfortunate because it greatly improves a students ability to catch up if they fall behind in their learning, and it gives a clear picture of where a student started and how far they have come growth wise. Since opening their first school in 2007, Rocketship Education charter schools have been using this system, along with various improvements to the standard education methods at public schools.

Every student in the Rocketship Education system is known as a Rocketeer and has access to various different methods of learning. Not only do students receive the traditional curriculum that is used in public schools, but they also have access to personalized training. Tutors will help every student in problem subjects or areas where they fall behind so every student can be at the appropriate grade level. For now, Rocketship charter schools are for elementary students in Grades K-5, but they are quickly becoming a go-to for parents wanting to give their child a quality learning experience. Rocketship Education charter schools provide students a strong foundation for the rest of their academic careers, even up to college.

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