Brad Reifler Opines on Presidential Election

Brad Reifler recently had an opinion piece published by the Huffington Post. Reifler was expressing his fears about the upcoming election and how a new administration would impact the American economy.

Reifler is the grandson of Ray E. Friedman the founder of Refco where he was a star trader. He is known as a serial entrepreneur, a person with the business acumen to found, develop and then sell profitable businesses. He founded Forefront Capital in 2009 and is a former partner of Pali Capital. He, also, serves on the boards of several financial and banking institutions.

Many people are concerned about the outcome of this presidential election. Republicans have always wanted a fiscally conservative candidate that would express their economic views as president. This election pits a very qualified but dislike Democrat against a non-politician maverick who has changed his allegiances on important subjects in the past and has shown an unsettling aggressive personality that is loved by the far right but contrary to what is required of a president.

While Republicans usually favor the wealthy classes in the United States of America, Hillary Clinton has strong ties to Wall Street. Brad Reifler seems to be on the side of the Republican candidate but seems to have his fears about his competency. Many in the electorate share this uneasiness about two very different and disliked candidates.

This election could not be over with too soon for most of us.

The Atlantic City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Partners With Sam Boraie To Build A Luxury Residential Project

Atlantic City had big shoes to fill when the New Jersey Legislature and voters approved a 1976 constitutional amendment on that allowed gambling in the state. Atlantic City needed something to put itself back together. During the 1960s, the popular resort area was a shell of a city. Three months a year, New Yorkers and people from Philly and Northern New Jersey invaded the city and spent money. But the other eight months produced very little revenue for the city. Like other New Jersey cities, Atlantic City was a crime-infested, poverty-stricken mess. But the license to allow gambling was meant to change that scenario.

People started calling Atlantic City “Las Vegas on the East Coast,” but the city never really measured up to that nickname. In 1984, the City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was formed by the State Legislature. That group was organized to develop investment opportunities on in Atlantic City, and to make sure every casino reinvested 1.25 percent of its revenue in urban development.

AC was a great place to go in the summer and on holidays or for a weekend get-a-way. Boraie didn’t understand why the city leaders didn’t attract more full-time residents, but Sam didn’t pay much attention to that issue. Boraie Development did buy eight acres in Atlantic City, and the plan was to develop that piece of property at some point. But Sam Boraie and his family were immersed in the revitalization and redevelopment of New Brunswick, and Newark, so the company’s investment in Atlantic City was on hold.

Boraie Development LLC was the money and the brains behind the resurrection of downtown New Brunswick.  The Boraie family has been developing office space and residential space in their city for more than 30 years. So it wasn’t a big surprise when Sam Boraie got a call from the Atlantic City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority wanted to invest in the proposed $100 million Boraie residential project that Sam Boraie was proposing. Sam and his family decided to develop the land in Atlantic City after working with basketball legend and Newark native Shaq O’Neil on two successful residential projects in Newark.

The Beach at South Inlet is a two-phase Boraie project that will give Atlantic City 250 luxury residences. The new community will have a workout facility, swimming pool, outside deck and a 10,000-square-foot residence lounge. A 400-space parking garage, retail shops, restaurants, and a grocery store will also be part of this Boraie project.

Sam Boraie is proud of his family’s accomplishments. Sam Boraie is also proud of Elijah’s Promise, the nonprofit organization that helps feed and educate the needy in the state. Sam sits on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise. Boraie also plays an important role on the board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater has been around for more than 90 years, and it is bigger and better than ever, thanks to Sam and other donors. The State Theater helps educate students through music classes and live performances by big-name entertainers.

New York City’s Best Work Space Workville


The Workville’s co-working space in NYC was established in 2016. Space is a very luxurious platform, and it is extremely welcoming. The company has been backed by two families which have many years experience in the New York real estate sector. The company core values are centered on entrepreneurship and collaboration.

Space is warm and very hospitable which gives it more appeal to its clients. Its space on Broadway 1412 on the 21st floor is executive and has a unique design, and its workspace is on an open floor in a high rise building whose distance from Times Square is commutable. The offices where members work from are sun-drenched, and the desks are very dedicated. There’s a light-filled café space where brainstorms, meetings can be conducted. The area can also be utilized for lunch breaks since it has a good ambiance.

The Workville work space has remained outstanding and value driven in the manner it conducts its events. The Workville work space events include; demo days, pitch nights, round tables, hackathons, cocktail hours and many more. The workspace is also very stable owing to the fact that the building from where it conducts its business is owned by the founder, this makes it free from interferences by external and internal factors. The success of the workspace is owed to the founders who have put a lot of resources to make it excellent since the customers are always expecting the best services in NYC to be found only in the space. A news letter is always published weekly which highlights the recent happenings to ensure members are informed early enough to attend. The news letter also brings to light the best and most excelling entrepreneurs of New York City.

A member of the space was recently awarded the best award in the white house swipes right event. With the unending informative resources that space is endowed with every member is sure of getting immense knowledge. For people looking for a platform where one can create a solid business, the network serves the purpose right because every member has an area of specification, from the interaction members learn from each other experiences and basically that’s what networking seeks.

How Economic Policy Might Change This Election

The Hottest Election Yet

The 2016 election has taken the media by storm. The heated contest between Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump has generated more interest in this election than almost any election before. Although rhetoric and vitriol have taken up headlines the policy differences, especially on economic matters, will take center stage after November 8th. Brad Reifler, one of America’s top investors, believes this election will shape the economy of America for years to come.

The Certainty Of Taxes

A key area of differences between the two candidates is on taxes. Hillary Clinton wants to create a more progressive tax plan centered around increasing the tax rates of the wealthiest Americans while Donald Trump wants to cut taxes and simplify the tax brackets. While the tax plans of both candidates are filled with changes there is a stark contrast in one particular area estate taxes.

Hillary Clinton wants to keep the estate tax but Trump wants to do away with it altogether. Instead of an estate tax he would increase the capital gains tax and offset it with subsidies for small businesses. There is one issues both candidates agree on. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both support tax breaks for child care.

How Brad Reifler Came To His Conclusion

The election is bringing lots of interesting minds into politics but Reifler is an exceptional case. As one of the world’s leading entrepreneur he knows just how the President can change our economy. Hence why the media is reaching out to Brad Reifler for expert commentary.

He has spent years working in the finance industry and has a strong understanding of how major events will shape financial markets. It isn’t surprising that he has decided to examine the current election and reached this particular conclusion.

Doe Deere: A Woman Who Pursues Her Passions

There are a few important factors to running a successful business is having passion. One must be passionate about something. She must also be passionate about sharing it with others. One person who has made a lot of success from her passion is Doe Deere. She is very passionate about cosmetics. She shares this passion with others. For one thing, she has showcased the different things that could be done with make up. She was able to bring her company from a mere eBay page to a full blown company. She has also shown a lot of innovation in her ability to market.

One thing that makes her marketing innovative is that she allows customers to be involved in some aspect of the marketing. She encourages her customers to take pictures of themselves wearing the make up from Lime Crime. The pictures have shown some really fun and interesting images of people using make up. One thing that could be said for Lime Crime is that it encourages artistry and self expression. For one thing, the perspective of beauty is changing greatly. People are learning that beauty can’t be confined to any rigid rules. Doe Deere is one of the people that are showing new examples of beauty.

If there is one thing that Doe Deere that is doing for others through Lime Crime, it is encouraging self expression. After all, people generally want acceptance. Among the many ideas that are being thrown around is that of self acceptance. However, it is almost impossible for people to accept themselves if they are not able to be themselves. Nowadays, there is a new type of culture that is starting to emerge. This is the culture of diversity. Lime Crime has many different products that will take advantage of this new culture.

Doe Deere not only inspires others to bring out their own sense of beauty, but she also inspires others to pursue their own passions. After all, if people just try to settle for something to just get by, then they will find themselves being rather miserable in the type of work they do.

Check out Doe Deere at PhamExpo

Town Residential to Open its 10th Outpost in a Span of only 3 years

Town Residential is opening its 10th outpost after being open for only three years. The Town Residential Real Estate brokerage firm was founded in 2010, picking up steam to where it opened its 10th building by 2016.


Town Residential is a real estate firm that was founded by Andrew Heiberger. This man is a founder of Citi Habitats as well which is a brokerage he sold to Town Residential.


Town Residential has found a niche in the luxury real estate services part of town, featuring an unapplied group of real estate representatives.


The luxury residential firm maintains sales, leasing and marketing sales and leasing in the 10 commercial and retail properties which it serves.


The company also recognizes client needs in exceptional customer service, expertise about the neighborhood it serves and working with the client neighborhood.


The privately held New York brokerage maintains a website at and boasts between 201 and 500 employees. Right now, the firm is looking for a public relations specialist and an on-site sales associate.

Town real estate also has a blog that lists things like the five best places in Manhattan to find a mug of hot chocolate.

To find more information on the firm, its offerings and even the famous people who live or have lived in Town Residential properties, in addition to http://town you can also go to the following links:







You can also count on the blog, and with a little alliterative digging, find some of the best things to do in New York City that have nothing to do with hot chocolate.

One of the entries is for the New York City Marathon, that brings about 50,000 runners from all over the world to challenge a couple of dozen miles through NYC streets.


And what could be New York better than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, with its amazing array of floats and entertainment.


Could there be a better place to live, where the sights and amenities and the best of all the world come together in New York City? You can even find your dream home at the Town Residential real estate or rental properties. All ten of the locations for Town Residential real estate empire are within walking distance of the finest places in New York, and provide some of the most magnificent views of not only the city, but parks and foliage that surrounds the buildings, too.


Visit Cotemar for the Best Accommodation Services

Cotemar is a Mexican company that specializes in the Oil and gas industry. The company offers services such as maintenance and construction, field development, maritime support operations, supplies by specialized vessels, food services, accommodation and transport of personnel. Cotemar has been operational for thirty-seven years, and it has earned the trust of many customers in the globe.

Cotemar is one of the companies in the world that has dynamic positioning systems that provide consumers with unique services like offshore maintenance. The individual vessels are usually operated by modern computers that are linked through satellite. These are responsible for controlling motors and ensuring that the vessels remain the right position.

The Dynamic positioning vessels available in Cotemar are equipped with a reliable saturation diving system, and they allow the inspection procedures and other seabed processing line rehabilitation.

Cotemar also has some specialized vessels that offer consumers with personnel and lightweight materials transportation solutions, especially in the Campeche Bay. The vessels are also known for serving as the link between the Ciudad del Carmen and offshore.

There are specialized refrigerated cargo vessels in the organization too. These are specifically designed for the material and nourishment transportation. If there is any construction material needed, it is always stored at the construction and storage yard in the vessels. The provisions of Cotemar are normally stored in the refrigerated area in the vessels.

The rigs and vessels operated by the popular organization have exclusive accommodation and food services. Some of the services in this department include laundry, nourishment, cleaning of the common areas and bedding in all the cabins. The accommodation vessels in Cotemar have individual cabins that are meant for two or four people. There are also recreation facilities such as cinemas, basketball courts, gyms, TV rooms and many other facilities that ensure that the client’s remains entertained.

In order to give enough support to the offshore operations, the company has a hotel located at the Ciudad del Carmen that ensure that everything runs perfectly. Individuals who have visited the accommodation vessels say that the institution follows high standards of health and quality control, and this guarantees the services the client get. The food transfer, supplies, preservation, cleaning and entertainment is out of this world too.


David Osio’s Worldwide Business and Philanthropic Leadership

David Osio, founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, is no stranger to philanthropy on a global scale. For over 20 years he has been a driving force of charitable support for numerous music, medical, community and art organizations around the world.

As a member of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, Osio generously supported the Symphony. He delighted in being able to make a difference that enables its continuous operation. In addition, Osio supports the Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and has done so for many years. He sees the Foundation’s work as a particularly important cause. His contributions have made a difference for additional bodies, including the Wayuu Taya Foundation, the UMA Foundation, the Fundana Foundation and the Miami-based Saludarte Foundation of Art.

As founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group, a comprehensive financial services and advisory group of independent companies, Osio has led the group’s financial growth and geographical expansion. It has now offices in Geneva, Lisbon, New York, Miami and Panama City.

David Osio studied management at the Catholic University Andres Bello and international banking law at the Institute Estudios Superiores de Administración IESA. He began his career in 1981 as President and CEO of OPED Enterprise, where he dealt in coffee export programs, and later at Letco Commercial Companies, structuring marketing plans for various industrial products. In 1984 he joined a Caracas-based law firm, MGO, as a Banking Law advisor for important corporate clients, including the Ferro Corporation and Consolidated Bank. Due to his experience and knowledge in banking law, Banco Latino International (BLI) in Miami recruited him for a prominent position in its private banking division, and soon promoted him to the role of Vice President of commercial banking.

In 1993, Osio ventured out independently and formed the Davos Financial Group of Companies, which has grown into a leading and successful business.

In addition to sustaining financial success, it is imperative for Osio and his group of companies to continue doing charitable work. Several international awards have recognized these efforts, including the Medal of Honor from the United States Congress, the 2009 South Florida Business Leaders award, the Movers and Shakers award for 2009, Best Offshore Corporate Service Provider by the magazine New Europe, and the 2014 Miami Award.

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Residential Properties Take Luxury Living To New Heights In New York City


New York City is the home of many astonishing residential properties. This fact has been proven many times in various articles that have been published in the real estate market’s publications. Another article was recently published on This article highlighted the latest luxury residential buildings to top the list. These buildings are located in Manhattan and Brooklyn, two of the city’s most desirable locations.

Manhattan, according to this article, is a hot spot for luxury NYC real estate buildings. Four buildings were highlighted in the article. The Sky building, located at 605 W 42nd St, is a fitness and sports enthusiast’s dream. Studio apartments rent out for a starting price of $2300 a month. The One57 building, located at 157 W 57th St, is a haven for relaxation with its private library, yoga studio, and other amenities. Monthly rentals on this building start out around $13,500 for a one bedroom apartment. The building located at 15 William St. is another frantically sought after residential building in the city. This building offers amenities include a yoga studio, squash court, basketball court, dog park, and more. A one bedroom apartment can be purchased for just over a million dollars or a studio apartment can be rented for around $3000 a month.


There are several fantastic real estate companies located in New York City that can help locate and secure NYC real estate. One of the most prestigious groups is Town Residential. This real estate company has been in the city for many years. They have experience in every aspect of the real estate market industry. This includes purchases, sales, and leasing transactions.


Location is another reason Town Residential is a great real estate agency to work with. They have several offices located throughout the city, dedicated to apartments for sale in the city. This makes their agents convenient to the neighborhoods they are doing NYC real estate transactions in.


Many of these buildings are taking luxury living to new heights with fabulous views of the city and amazing amenities. Town Residential is a great agency to work with when looking for that perfect NYC real estate property.


The Perks of Assisted Living Facilities


Assisted living means what it says. Nursing “assistance” is available when needed but otherwise the patient is left to live their life in a home like setting. Families generally seek this kind of care for loved ones who wish to lead as normal a life as possible but still have medical assistance only steps way when their help is required. When it’s no longer possible or safe to live at home alone, assisted living does not have to mean giving up on independence.


The Manse on Marsh is an excellent example of what to expect from the finest in assisted living. Located in the pleasant area of San Luis Obispo in California, much more than skilled nursing is available at the Manse. When one considers all the advantages that come with living at one of these facilities, it’s no wonder why the residents of The Manse on Marsh seem so content with life.


Studies show that living closer to peers is satisfying in a way nothing else could be. The Manse on Marsh offers a variety of social programs for those that enjoy activity in their day, and with the laundry and housekeeping services offered at the Manse, there is plenty of time to do whatever they please. The Manse on Marsh understands that the older one gets, the more important self-sufficiency can become.   Read more about them on SeniorHousingNet, or check out this article about their latest Caring Star award.