Betty DeVos Efforts To Give Children An Opportunity To Fulfill Potential

Education reform and school choice has not lost momentum since the US education system was first recognized as low performing compared to the rest of the world. Individual parents looking for answers as to why their children were being left out of the education loop has a champion in Betsy DeVos. Of the many options to overcoming the obstacle of low performing schools, such as home schooling and charter schools, Betsy and Dick DeVos has been fighting for school choice since the 90’s and has been part of the successful movement nationwide. In a 2013 interview in Philanthropy Magazine, Betsy DeVos told of the progress of more than 30 yeas of effort that has paid off.


The DeVos efforts include many political and nonprofit roles, including Betsy being chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family foundation, her memberships on national and local boards, including the DeVos Institute for Art Management, Kids Hope USA and the Foundation for Excellence in Education, as well as chairman of the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children. She spoke of the progress made during 2012 which included the educational choice programs increasing by around 40,000 students and new programs in Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Mississippi. Programs in Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Florida also expanded. At that time there were 250,000 students from 17 states and DC participating in publicly funded school choice programs. The results are from hard work that started more than 30 years ago when the couple, having school aged children of their own, visited the Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, MI, and spoke with low income parents who wanted their children in safe, loving learning environments “electric with curiosity”. They began to support individual students at first, then increased their commitment.  The couple being involved in the passing of Michigan’s first state constitution allowing tax-credit scholarships or vouchers, but the measure failed. Betsy, however, started a foundation that gave low income families scholarships that allowed them to decide where their children attended school.

The DeVos has help the school choice movement grow not only through their own philanthropic efforts but also by serving on the boards of Children First America and American Education Reform, national 501(c)(3) charities. To more effectively bring about change, school choice organizers and advocates constructed a more cohesive effort by forming the American Federation for Children, an umbrella organization that covered the American Federation for Children, the Alliance for School Choice, the AFC political action committee, and the American Federation for Children Action Fund. It put the right components to work to realize greater success. The DeVos Family is known for giving away billions in their efforts to support community services, arts and culture, health and education. Betsy and Dick DeVos should also be known for rolling up their sleeves, putting in the hard work, time and efforts, that support education by giving more families more choices and options throughout the nation. Read more about Dick DeVos on

An Interview With Successful Entrepreneur And Business Executive Josh Verne

Entrepreneur Josh Verne, CEO and co-founder of, was recently interviewed on a podcast where he talked about his 20 years starting, building and selling businesses. He also spoke about his book ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business‘ and talked about his favorite success quote which is from Johnathan Swift, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

In the podcast Verne touched on 5 major points. The first was why it’s better to be a leader instead of a boss when in a management position. Bosses do what’s best for themselves, demand respect and use their title to get their goals accomplished. Leaders earn respect, put their people first and accomplish goals decided on with their team. Leaders produce true success, Verne explained.Josh Verne’s second point was ‘Every deal should be a Win-Win’. Don’t agree to deals or follow plans that are win-lose, Verne explained. In every business deal the seller, the client, the staff and society should all be winners. It’s always possible to find a way for everyone involved to win if you look for it. This helps organizations to skyrocket. Speak Less and listen more was Verne’s third piece of advice.

Having balance in your life is essential was Verne’s fourth point. Spending a little time each day on making money, improving your health, working on loving your family and growing personally, will help people create balanced lives. You decide how much time each area requires and give it that time. Verne’s fifth point was each person must figure out what they’re passionate about. Most successful people are passionate about what they’re doing. Finding the thing that makes you excited to wake up early each day, skip parties and work long hours will lead to a good life.

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur and e-commerce and multi-channel business specialist that has been involved in business for more than two decades. Before he founded the Philadelphia area based FlockU, LLC, in April 2015, Verne founded, ran for 4 years and sold The e-commerce platform enabled workers to purchase name-brand products and services and pay over time via automatic payroll deductions. Prior to that, Verne ran the family-owned Home Line Furniture from 1995 to 2011. He helped the company grow from one store to become a wholesale distributor to retailers all over the U.S. and worldwide.

Verne’s current company is the peer-to-peer mobile marketing exchange for college students, FlockU. It provides viral content, news, explanations and opinions on exams, sex, sports and more. Created by students for students, FlockU, LLC provides fresh, funny, smart content students can read, watch and share. FlockU gives students information they need to know immediately and helps them to navigate life outside of the classroom.

Check out this press release for more information about Josh Verne.

Danilo Diaz Granados Held a Massive Party in July


Danilo Diaz Granados is an entrepreneur who is known for founding the company known as Toys for Boys. The company was founded in 2013 with the main aim of catering to the needs of men who are looking for exotic jewelry, cars and the like. The company is a conception of Danilo Diaz, who, while in University, was looking for ways of tapping into the market as a business man. He saw the opportunity to set up shop in Miami and that is what he actually did immediately after his university studies.


Danilo Diaz Granados was one of the first entrepreneurs to establish a boutique which offers luxurious products and services in Miami. Whether you are looking for a classy watch or a car that is exotic, you will find what you need at the Toys for Boys Boutique.


In July this year, Danilo Diaz Granados hosted an event which brought together men from all over Miami, as well as the rest of the country. The aim of the event, just like the many others which he has hosted, was to showcase the products which the company offers. The event, which brought together many men from all over, was exclusive to the elite and the who-is-who of Miami.


According to Danilo from his Tumblr, the event was meant to give an opportunity to his guests to experience a time of their lives. The one in a lifetime experience was extravagant and made it possible for the guests to sample their exotic products and visit some exotic places.


Danilo Diaz Granados, at some point, joined some of his guests in a helicopter ride that took 30 minutes. The ride was to Palm Beach Race Track and back and each man was give the chance to get behind the track and even spin around. The celebrations were followed by bottles of champagne and lunch at the River Yacht Club. The club, which is on the Miami River, is one of the exotic places to host an event.  Make sure to follow Danilo on Twitter, for more updates on his famous exploits.

The Manse On Marsh Receives Exceptional Award for Outstanding Services


An assisted living facility called The Manse on Marsh has received the “Caring Star” award which is known as a program that honors those that exhibit service excellence in the assisted living industries. The award is based on consumer ratings and reviews that are conducted in the Senior Care Directory. Caring Stars are voiced and categorized as the most caring assisted living individuals in the communities nationwide. There are certain qualifications that have to happen before a facility can be elected into the winning category. Those qualifications are that the assisted living facility has to receive three consumer reviews between December 1st 2013 and  December 1st 2014, in order to receive the award for 2015.


The other qualifications are that the facility must earn at least one five start review during that time frame and acquire and overall average rating that is greater than four stars. Any negative reviews that were conducted between that time frame must be resolved and not in a pending status along with positive online reputation and information. The Caring Star award has been rewarding facilities for four years now and continues to help make changes to assisted living facilities to better assist the community and its needs. They are proud to announce that they’ve earned recognition in the 2013 National Mature Media Awards for helping customers make the best informed senior living choices.

The Manse on Marsh is a popular assisted living facility located in San Luis Obispo and is known for their well-established facility that is nationally recognized by the Assisted Living Care Planning System. They provide many different types of services that are included but not limited to medication management, bathing, grooming, meal reminders and many more different types of helpful services to assist the needs of seniors. The Manse on Marsh executives and staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care to help seniors develop their sense of independence while helping to increase their quality of life.


Sam Tabar as a Financial Investment Strategist

Sam Tabar is achieving a lot in his career. He was recently endorsed with two lucrative positions, where he acts as a Chief Operational Officer of Full Cycle Energy Fund in the New York and Chief Financial Officer of Awearable Apparel.

Each and every time a new generation starts to assert itself, it must include leaders with the ability to soar to new heights. The fact is that if there are no finance innovators, tech innovators will not be available and for this reason, it is essential to highlight the things that the industry leaders are planning.

With regard to a recent article, Sam Tabar is considered to be among these up and coming leaders of the new generation. Sam graduated from the University of Oxford and later earned his degree in law from the Columbia School of Law. He has used the education acquired from two of the world’s top learning institutions, to establish himself as an individual to watch.

Whether served as a legal advisor for a prestigious law company or as a capital strategist for an investment company, Mr. Tabar has utilized his expertise and knowledge to yield good results in all places he has been. Having a long-lasting interest in financial markets and investments, Sam Tabar began scaling his career to the top by serving as an associate for Flom LLP, Slater, Arps, Meagher, and Skadden once he graduated from the Columbia School of Law. While serving there, he offered advice to customers on how to create and structure hedge funds. He also taught them the fundamentals of regulatory and compliance matters related to hedge funds and the different employment issues of every customer. Despite the fact that Sam was prosperous in his association post, he found out that bigger tasks were waiting for him in the world of business.

After walking out of Skadden, Sam Tabar started a new job as a financial strategist for PMA investment advisers. In his role, Tabar was offered a full responsibility for handling all aspects of a $2 billion hedge fund.

Together with his expertise in hedge funds, Sam Tabar has extensive skills when it comes to investing in properties and start-up companies. This background has made him be of high demand by investment firms and law companies all over the globe. The information was originally reported on BitsyLink. Visit for more details.

What Could Kyle Bass’ Attendance At The 2016 New Establishment Summit Mean?

Kyle Bass is thought of by many as a socialist economist. One of the reasons for this comes in the form of his close ties to a known socialist despot. Said despot happens to be Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. De Kirchner is currently the president of Argentina, where Kyle Bass is originally from. She has managed to default that country two times. Often, defaults are widely spaced. Kirchner’s took less than thirteen years, total. Yet Kyle Bass continues to support her on a fundamental basis. It’s hard to imagine how he couldn’t have some socialist leanings when that is taken into consideration. Yet this isn’t the only instance where Bass’ actions tend toward the socialistic.

Kyle Bass also runs Hayman Capital Management, a hedge fund based out of Austin, Texas. Hedge Funds are known as vulture funds by many because they tend to invest around big corporations that are dying, betting against their success. Austin is known as the Portland of Texas according to popular satire Portlandia. So Bass runs his vulture fund out of a liberal mecca in the southwest, as Kyle Bass The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler reports.

Socialist ethic usually involves toppling big capitalistic powers, and the special interest group Kyle Bass manages, CAD, does just this thing. The Coalition for Affordable Drugs uses the infirm as leverage against big-ticket pharmaceuticals, forcing them to drop the prices they sell medication for. This ultimately bottoms out their stock and Bass short sells, making millions. Meanwhile the pharmaceuticals must curtail funding in departments like R&D who don’t have dependable numbers. In the end, the sick lose medical advances and stagnate, while Bass makes a fortune and plans his next scheme to make millions undercutting an established financial power.

With all these things in mind, it is very strange that the New Establishment Summit of 2016 should select Bass as a speaker.  But a guy like Bass is likely going to promote strategies that undercut existing financial powers. Is that what the New Establishment Summit people want?

Jim Hunt and VTA Publications: Bringing Moneymaking Solutions Home

Jim Hunt of VTA Publications has a method of investing which could yield a million dollars and more with just ten easy trades. The idea comes in a proprietary solution to the stock market that Jim is making available through VTA Publications, which is a known purveyor of distance learning courses catering to thousands of clients worldwide. Jim Hunt portends to prove his method of moneymaking on YouTube by investing a thousand dollars of his mother’s money ten times and making her a millionaire. As yet this has not been accomplished, but Mr. Hunt adamantly insists on Twitter that the process is possible, and seeks to prove as much in the near future.

Compounding is behind the method Jim Hunt plans to use for monetary gain. This can be done, the difficulty lies in careful investiture. Jim describes it as a slow process. Though there are only ten principle trades involved, making the transaction at the right time and place with the right stock is integral to growing capital.

The stock market landscape is a strange one with a ubiquity of ups and downs, but once the landscape is truly understood, it is possible to make a fine living at it; millions have the world over. Mr. Hunt is just providing an easier way for that to happen, ostensibly. He is one of the reasons VTA Publications has had the success it has, and it makes sense: for long-distance learning, this group has brought exceptional financial success stories before various clients.

Currently, VTA has a four year track record. They began in 2012 and continuously provide exceptional solutions to their growing client base. The goal is cutting-edge information being regularly provided in as streamlined and simple a way as possible. Simplicity of execution and education are integral to success in trading later on, so this is another feature of the coursework offered by VTA. It’s easy to see why so many are getting aboard this expanding educational facilitator.

Get Your Wiki Can Put An End To Needless Edits

Wikipedia was created so that people can share knowledge with each other easily. In theory, that sounds great. Contributors from around the globe are able to add or adjust information once they meet certain guidelines. For the most part, things have gone well and Wikipedia can arguably be called the prime source of information for Millennials. As long as there is a computer with access to the Web, when you edit a Wiki page it is not a problem.

These edits are tracked so that it’s easy to locate who changed what and from where. Well did you know that there is a Twitter dedicated to Wiki edits made from Congress? Yes, there is. There have been edits made from there that range from the mundane to the bizarre. Some examples are editing the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer page to clarify that he was a fictional character, Changing the British spelling of “behaviour” to its American spelling, “behavior”, and removing Anas Zeghari from the List of the Richest Americans in History. There are plenty of others out there that are just as interesting.

While there is nothing wrong with someone editing their Wiki’s by themselves, there is a company out there ready, willing, and able to do it for them. By hiring a Wikipedia expert from Get Your Wiki, editing a page for mistakes wouldn’t even be a problem. Get Your Wiki is like a one stop shop for all things Wiki. Their service includes creating and maintaining a Wiki page for their clients thanks to their team of talented Wikipedia editors. They also monitor said pages to make sure that it is correct and up-to-date.


Mike Baur Accomplishments in the Finance Industry

Mike Baur is a well-known entrepreneur and philanthropist in the United States. He is one of the individuals who have made significant developments in the finance and banking industries. He was born and raised in Switzerland. He travels to different parts of the world, empowering people.
Mike Baur ventured into the finance and banking world while he was a teenager. Since childhood, he had a special interest and passion in the subject, and this made him pursue it. He believes that working for the industry gives him the satisfaction he desires.
When he completed his studies, Mike Baur worked for many companies. One of the institutions he worked for is known as Swiss Private Banking. He worked for this company for over two decades. He was always hardworking and dedicated in his duties while working for the company, and this made him to be appointed to become one of the executive directors in the company’s board. The company experienced a lot of growth, thanks to his contributions.
After being employed for many years, Mike Baur decided that it was time to start his own company. The years he had worked had given him the expertise and leadership skills he needed to run his own company. He partnered with two other people and started an institution known as Swiss Start-up Factory. Together, the three individuals managed to make the company the biggest and top private accelerator companies in the world.
The Swiss Start -Up Factory was started in 2014. The independent accelerator company is currently based in Zurich, and its main objective is to make sure that entrepreneurs in the modern times are given enough opportunities. To make its dreams come true, the institution has established very strong networks in Switzerland and around the globe. These networks are very essential in creating opportunities for the upcoming entrepreneurs.
Mike Baur’s company runs a start- up program for new investor that takes twelve weeks. The businessmen are couched and mentored during the program, preparing them for the investment world. At the end of the program, the investors are given an office space in a prime location to start their business. The company also offers them reliable business networks so that they can succeed.
Mike Baur is also known for his involvement in charitable donations.