Entrepreneur Success Story: Joel Friant

Joel Friant is an entrepreneur, a successful trainer and a free market enthusiast who has also mastered several other fields like real estate, home based business and product creation. He has developed a passion to help people to succeed in life. He has also helped people to accomplish their expectations and to even exceed them in life through his successful training work.

Joel began venturing his life into the restaurant business by creating Thai fast food. This is long after he had already started working in real estate and home remodeling. It was during this time in the restaurant business that he created The Habanero Shaker which was a flagship product. The business to start making Habanero started when he tasted one while in high school that a friend gave to him, then later in life he went to Jamaica and tested several varieties of the habanero. Then he realized that there were not found in the market. He started his business of making and selling it to big grocery stores around Washington.

He went back and ventured into real estate business to help people become homeowners and rose to be a top sales person and opened a mortgage lending company. He later switched from the industry and began to study on the secret of life that makes some people be successful and others failures. He created a success concept known as “The Income Thermostat” and started to teach to people his understanding. He went on to start writing articles for success and also speaks in big seminars.

Joel, later on, ventured into online business and learned about cryptocurrencies and how he could take his habanero shaker to another level while selling products on eBay and Amazon. His original Habanero Shaker is made of faked hot habanero Chile peppers and is sugar-free sourced from the farm as fresh. The habanero shaker can now be found and bought on Amazon and it stands out from other products because of the combination of flavor and pepper heat and can be used in any meal either at home, car or in the office. It is highly flavorful and with a good taste often described as buttery and smoky.

Lip Balm’s New Look: An Innovative and Creative Way to Repackage Lip Balm by EOS

Everyone over a certain age recalls how lip balm has always been packaged as a small tube designed to push the lip balm out in a circular stick. Chapstick® is known for its small cylinder tube of lip balm that delivers soothing lotion to dry, cracked lips easily. Blistex is another Well known company that follows Chapstick’s® lead in providing soothing lip balm in simple and easy to use cylinder tubes.

Seven years ago Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller teamed up with Craig Dubitsky to change the packaging to get away from what they considered was too clinical. Dubitsky soon left the organization for other endeavors. They would name their new organization Evolution of Smooth or EOS (https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/) to attract a new market that was willing and eager for a change.

Coming up with the orb design did take some time and effort but was well worth it. The testing of the product with its new packaging was a huge success. For some it was an innovation that had been waiting to happen for a long time. The younger generations especially took to the orb packaging and enjoyed the wide variety of flavors such as grapefruit and honey dew.

The founders’ main focus in the beginning was women who seemed to really latch onto the product in droves. Men still preferred the basic tube that companies like Chapstick® and Blistex still produce. Women really loved the orb packaging and the way that the lip balm engaged all five senses. Their tagline would soon read “the lip balm that makes you smile.” Millennial women are now their focus.

With over one billion unit sales per week, EOS has proven that this new innovation is a hit. EOS has created a good niche market for this innovative lip balm for years to come. EOS products are available on Costco, Walmart and Target Stores. Online purchase can be done thru Amazon and eBay,