Bruno Fagali: An Expert Counsel Who Leads Corporate Integrity in the Brazilian Corporate World

Bruno Fagali, an expert counsel and corporate integrity expert, is known for his contributions to clean the Brazilian public contracts, considering the scandals behind the dubious contracts, by driving integrity campaign and transparency drive. He is the founder and partner of his own Law firm called FAGALI advocacy and also works as the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova / sb, a leading Brazilian advertisement agency. With almost of a decade of experience in providing high-quality legal solutions especially in the corporate sector, Bruno Fagali knows what is needed to be put as check for the cleanup campaign.

He is highly experienced in Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali knows the importance of his appointment with nova / sb and has brought many initiatives to drive integrity within the advertisement firm. As a leader in the ad industry, the agency gets a significant number of public contracts which are directly sourced from the various government departments. Due to the widespread public anger reported against the corruption in various government departments, the government is focused on implementing a transparency drive that can bring back the lost faith of the citizens. As an advertisement agency who pioneers and implements new initiatives, nova / sb wanted a committed drive for integrity within the organization and appointed Bruno Fagali for the job.

As the Corporate Integrity manager of the advertising firm, he implemented a Corporate Integrity Program in both Brasilia and Sao Paulo offices. Bruno Fagali also formed an employee ethics committee and framed a new policy of treating employees and members alike. He is appointed with the firm for 36 months and can’t make him fired before that; this clearly gives him an authoritative hand and helps him to take impartial decisions.

Bruno Fagali completed his Law graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2009 and did a specialization in Administrative Law. He did his Masters in Progress in State Law from the University of São Paulo. Fagali worked with a number of law firms such as Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm, Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Advogados Associados, and Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. In 2014, he founded Fagali law firm to provide expertise service in Public Law, Compliance, Litigation, etc.


Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Lawyer

Fagali is a Corporate Integrity Manager and a lawyer at ‘Fagali lawyers’ He obtained his undergraduate Degree in 2009 in Administrative law. His love and eagerness to achieve the highest education, he persuaded his masters by the faculty of law of USP. Bruno Fagali deals in areas of anti-corruption law, but he focuses his career on three main category administrative contracts, regulatory law, and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali owns a personal office in Sao Paulo where he is a corporate integrity manager. He is self-driven with inner self-motivation and passion that’s why his career as a lawyer flourishes in the vast population of lawyers in Brazil. His advertising agency is based in the public interest communication. His ability to stand out in an audience and deliver content has given the opportunity to be among the members of the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

During his career journey has been with stepping stones but has in the process learned on how to overcome all odds. Early before 2007, Bruno Fagali was serving three aspects domestic violence, Consumer Law and family law then after 2007; he decided to focus on one aspect, Advisory public law contract. Additionally, Bruno Fagali can speak up in four languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.