What You Probably Didn’t Know about Waiakea’s 400% Growth Record

Using the little science knowledge, we all understand that water is crucial for our bodies. Often, health professionals have advised eight glasses a day as a standard measure to a healthy living. However, little is told regarding the kind of water to consume.

Over time, most individuals ought to consume purified (bottled) water. On a professional’s perspective, the packaged water contains many minerals which are not only safe to the body, but also helpful in aiding the body functioning.

By digging shallowly about the beverages in the market, you will notice, among all, bottled water is among the most hated. But the question remains, why do we still have bottled water companies in operation?

To Ryan Emmons, the founder and CEO of Waiakea Water, bottled water is a business with lots of opportunities beyond anyone’s expectations. According to Emmons, the successful entrepreneur, to survive in the water bottling company, creativity and healthy content comes first.

Forbes said that the 22-year old Ryan Emmons launched the Waiakea Water Company. With even little knowledge regarding the bottling industry, you will know that Ryan’s company has been experiencing incredible growth. To many, this particular industry only allows the survival for the old-fellows in the game, but to Ryan, there is always an opportunity for everyone.

Who would imagine, Waiakea Waters would one day dominate the market? No one, but its founder certainly had the idea of where the company was headed in the next coming years. Emmons says that his success has been promoted by the fact that he is in a position to create a sustainable product which offers unique health benefits to the consumer while minding the environment in terms of packaging.

Waiakea Water is collected from the snow-capped peak of Mauna Loa Volcano, known to be the purest environment on earth. This collection point ensures that their water remains rich in minerals which are needed in the consumer’s body.

Today, Waiakea Water’s impact into the industry can never go unnoticed. Many refer to the company as ‘the kid in the block living the lifestyle of those in the 50’s’.

Since establishment in 2012, the company has grown 400% which is beyond the expectations of every big individual in the game. By carrying out a quick calculation, this means that the company has been growing at a rate of 170% annually since it has been in the industry for three and a half years.

Emmons utilizes the services of local distributors who willingly sign up with the company. As a result, the company’s sales have been peaking at an amazing rate.

The company that used to handle about 2300 cases now boasts of selling more than 122000 cases every year. Today, Waiakea Water Company is worth $10 million and the fact that it has been in the game for less than four years is evident that it is focused on the game.