Fabletics a growing activewear brand is here to stay

Fabletics is a clothing brand that is growing rapidly. In just 3 short years the company co-founded by actress, Kate Hudson is bringing in millions. Which is not entirely surpsising since every where you turn you are seeing a commercial or ad for the activewear brand. Unless you have been living in a cave I’m sure you have heard the name Fabletics once or twice. But really what is it all about and why is it becoming so successful?


The reasons for the success could be from the membership program. When you sign up you get your first outfit for $25. In a review for the Fabletics brand Terri Hutcheon explains that there is no monthly fee or requeriment to buy anything, some months she goes with out making a purchase at all. Terri is a blogger who writes about her active lifestyle over at “A foodie Stays Fit.” She explains that she has bought activewear from high-end brands and that Fabletics can most definelty stand up to them with the quality and variety. The membership just simplifies the entire process and allows her to update her work out gear as often as she needs to.


Another reason could be the personalized attention when it comes to picking outfits. When signing up you fill out a lifestyle quiz. This quiz might be the first and most important part of the process. As a customer you are asked what type of activity you do. Are you some once who enjoys yoga or someone who likes to sweat it out at the gym? Next you are asked where do you like to be active is it in the comfort of your own home or out in the elements? You are then asked your color preference, what body shape best fits you and then what size for tops, bottoms, and sports bras you generally wear. With all these questions answered the team at Fabletics can show you clothes that will be more appealing and functional for your life.


Starting out as a primarily online shopping brand they better understand todays consumers. Many retail brands are struggling because, budget savvy consumers know that they can find many clothing brands for sale online much cheaper than in store. In return big brands such as Amazon are reaping the benefits. According to Paul Armstrong, a writer for Forbes.com Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce. Fabletics is challenging big e-commerce companies like Amazon by providing physical retail stores that work in conjunction with online statistics. Through local data and customer memberships Fabletics stores will only stock items that appeal to consumers in that area. Customers who shop in store, who are most likely already members will not be disappointed and those who are not members have the option of becoming one. An example of how they try to keep customers shopping experience seamless and stress free is when a customer tries clothes on in store it is automatically uploaded to their online cart. This way no matter if they chose to buy it in store or online customers know exactly what they are getting and for the same price no matter how they decide make a purchase.

Kate Hudson Is Working It Out With Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics athletic wear. Fabletics is a company that is going up against Amazon. Amazon is a company that presently holds 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, but Kate Hudson has been able to gross $250 million within three years of starting her business. Fabletics is a company that offers a subscription method to sell clothing to customers. Fabletics keeps its clothing at a reasonable price, and it has a large amount of loyal customers.


Fabletics is also an inspirational brand, and they realize that quality and good customer service are the most important things when it comes to a brand, because customer loyalty is really key. Kate Hudson and her Fabletics company came up with an great strategy to maintain customer loyalty, and their strategy has been working amazingly. Currently Fabletics has 16 stores that are located in places like Illinois, Florida, California, and Hawaii. Fabletics has been able to soar above the markets, because they allow their members to purchase clothing both online and in the stores. Around 50% percent of the people that go into the Fabletic store are already members, and 25% of the people that leave the store leave with a membership.


Fabletics is a company that customizes its service to best fit the needs of its customers. Fabletics is able to offer their members the most trend setting clothing, and they are also able to offer their members great work-out clothes at about half of the amount of regular retail. Fabletics realizes that it is much more easy to give their clients what they want if they know their taste. By using the reverse-showroom strategy, Fabletics is able to build a good relationship with their customers online, so Fabletics already knows the type of clothing that they will like when they go to the stores.


Fabletics was an idea that Kate Hudson had. She found that there was a lack of quality workout clothing that was affordable for women. She got with some good business planners, and she came up with the business model that Fabletics uses today. Hudson began to sell her clothing online, and she was able to get some great customers. Word got out about Fabletics, and now it is a booming business. Kate Hudson never expected her brand to grow to what it is today, but through good business strategies and hard work, she had been able to create a well known brand.