Be Prepared with the Brown Agency

Walking into the casting call, nerves can set in and take over your whole body. The casting representative ask if you have a head shot available. You quickly reach over and hand your photo over, they look down and ask if you have any more head shots. You panic and let them know that that was the only one you had with you. You weren’t knowledgeable about what was needed and have just received a negative response in the first few seconds that you have been in the casting call and you feel uncertain about your new-found career.


Many have been in this position and in the era of social media being a major presence for scouts to find talent, it has left many new unrepresented models to figure things out for themselves and not being prepared for what the industry insiders might want for their jobs. This has become the new reality and as an up and comer in the industry, it could be a tough industry to go alone with. Model and talent agencies have always acted as the go between for the model and the talent scouts who are looking for that fresh face. It has prevailed as a wonderful way to help the model or actor not have the added stress of the worrying about the other side of the business. Model agency’s like the Brown Agency in Austin, TX have built up a reputation for being a loyal provider for its talent by supplying the leads and knowledge that goes with being contracted out to modeling and acting gigs.


The Brown Agency is well versed in modeling and acting and provides its talent with the proper training and understanding to be able to compete and excel in casting calls. This prestigious agency who is under the umbrella of Wilhelmina Models, is the right fit for talent that want to be polished and refined when competing in the fashion and acting industry. The Brown Agency sets its company apart by being one of the biggest industry leaders in the southwest region and having a diverse talent pool that is second to none. You can visit their Instagram page.


Academy of Art University Show Demonstrates the Future of Fashion

The fashion world looks forward to Fashion Week each year, and this past year was no different. This is when the School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University looks for those new, rare talented designers who stand out from their peers.On September 9, 2017 the School of Fashion held its 21st runway showcase at Skylight Clarkson Square, showcasing it’s top BFA and MFA graduate collections. During the 2017 season, the Academy debuted two men’s wear collections and five women’s wear collections. There were also two collaborations within the collections that were of note.

Designers came from diverse backgrounds, originating in a number of different places from China to the state of Main. This variety was reflected in the collections and the show displayed a wide range of techniques, concepts, and silhouettes that pleased the audience. One instance of this could be found in several unusual material choices in this season’s show. For example, Hailun Zhou, from China, made her designs from vinyl and fused fabric which she created, while Eden Slezin who came from from the California Bay Area used organic denim and recycled rubber bike tubes.

The Academy of Art University readies aspiring professionals for a future career in design, communication and the arts through exceptional undergraduate, graduate, certificate and portfolio development programs. The University offers an undergraduate general education curriculum intended to help develop critical thinking and communications skills. They also focus on demonstrating to students how to use the principles from a variety of disciplines to look at their creative emphasis from multiple perspectives.

The University prides itself on establishing a creative environment that provides the challenging learning and experiences needed to be a leader in a chosen field. This atmosphere is balanced with personalized support to help each student progress at their own pace and reach their goals. The faculty work to meet the needs of a diverse student population through the development of individualized strategies to get across different concepts and specific learning styles. The faculty underscore the importance of helping to create responsible, global citizens and not just designers and artists.

Fabletics Is Forward-Thinking Fashion

We are in a unique period of fashion evolution. This transition doesn’t just refer to the clothes themselves, but how we shop for them. There are endless possibilities when it comes to fashion combinations, particularly when it comes to athletic and casual leisure clothes. However, with Amazon cornering 20% of the online fashion market, and storefronts struggling to turn a profit, the options for the actual shopping part can seem stagnant and boring. Luckily, the innovative and creative Kate Hudson has come up with the retail shopping revival all of us shopping enthusiasts so desperately needed.


Fabletics is a subscription based clothing company that combines the best brands, newest trends, and individual customer preferences to create a supremely satisfying shopping experience. Once you have taken the personalized style quiz, Fabletics will curate and send you a box of new, stylish athletic wear, also referred to as athlesiure clothing, for a reasonable monthly subscription price. Having a genuine understanding of your style, activity level and preferences is what allows Fabletics to set itself apart from other fashion retailers and deliver the change of pace you’ve been craving. You can even take a month off from the subscription service to solo shop all of the fantastic Fabletics clothing and accessories, then resume the service without any hassle.


In addition to their makeover of the online shopping experience, Fabletics as breathed new life into the brick-and-mortar storefront shopping experience. Most customers use physical shopping as a means to browse for things they’ll shop online for later at cheaper prices. While most storefront clothing retailers use high pressure sales tactics and other outdated sales methods, Fabletics has decided to embrace the browsers by making physical retail just another extension of their services. By using data collected online and at community events, you can rest assured that your instore experience will be every bit as enjoyable as your subscription. The way Fabletics puts your in store preferences into your online account, and gives you updates on in store events and sales makes shopping seamless no matter how you choose to do it.


Whether your goal is the ultimate athletic performance, stylish comfort wear, or just something out of the ordinary, Fabletics has precisely what you’re looking for- even if you didn’t know you were looking for it. And with the addition of items like dresses, swimwear, and footwear, it is only a matter of time before your whole wardrobe makes you as happy as your athleisure wear!

Fabletics a growing activewear brand is here to stay

Fabletics is a clothing brand that is growing rapidly. In just 3 short years the company co-founded by actress, Kate Hudson is bringing in millions. Which is not entirely surpsising since every where you turn you are seeing a commercial or ad for the activewear brand. Unless you have been living in a cave I’m sure you have heard the name Fabletics once or twice. But really what is it all about and why is it becoming so successful?


The reasons for the success could be from the membership program. When you sign up you get your first outfit for $25. In a review for the Fabletics brand Terri Hutcheon explains that there is no monthly fee or requeriment to buy anything, some months she goes with out making a purchase at all. Terri is a blogger who writes about her active lifestyle over at “A foodie Stays Fit.” She explains that she has bought activewear from high-end brands and that Fabletics can most definelty stand up to them with the quality and variety. The membership just simplifies the entire process and allows her to update her work out gear as often as she needs to.


Another reason could be the personalized attention when it comes to picking outfits. When signing up you fill out a lifestyle quiz. This quiz might be the first and most important part of the process. As a customer you are asked what type of activity you do. Are you some once who enjoys yoga or someone who likes to sweat it out at the gym? Next you are asked where do you like to be active is it in the comfort of your own home or out in the elements? You are then asked your color preference, what body shape best fits you and then what size for tops, bottoms, and sports bras you generally wear. With all these questions answered the team at Fabletics can show you clothes that will be more appealing and functional for your life.


Starting out as a primarily online shopping brand they better understand todays consumers. Many retail brands are struggling because, budget savvy consumers know that they can find many clothing brands for sale online much cheaper than in store. In return big brands such as Amazon are reaping the benefits. According to Paul Armstrong, a writer for Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce. Fabletics is challenging big e-commerce companies like Amazon by providing physical retail stores that work in conjunction with online statistics. Through local data and customer memberships Fabletics stores will only stock items that appeal to consumers in that area. Customers who shop in store, who are most likely already members will not be disappointed and those who are not members have the option of becoming one. An example of how they try to keep customers shopping experience seamless and stress free is when a customer tries clothes on in store it is automatically uploaded to their online cart. This way no matter if they chose to buy it in store or online customers know exactly what they are getting and for the same price no matter how they decide make a purchase.

Kate Hudson Is Working It Out With Fabletics

Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics athletic wear. Fabletics is a company that is going up against Amazon. Amazon is a company that presently holds 20% of the fashion e-commerce market, but Kate Hudson has been able to gross $250 million within three years of starting her business. Fabletics is a company that offers a subscription method to sell clothing to customers. Fabletics keeps its clothing at a reasonable price, and it has a large amount of loyal customers.


Fabletics is also an inspirational brand, and they realize that quality and good customer service are the most important things when it comes to a brand, because customer loyalty is really key. Kate Hudson and her Fabletics company came up with an great strategy to maintain customer loyalty, and their strategy has been working amazingly. Currently Fabletics has 16 stores that are located in places like Illinois, Florida, California, and Hawaii. Fabletics has been able to soar above the markets, because they allow their members to purchase clothing both online and in the stores. Around 50% percent of the people that go into the Fabletic store are already members, and 25% of the people that leave the store leave with a membership.


Fabletics is a company that customizes its service to best fit the needs of its customers. Fabletics is able to offer their members the most trend setting clothing, and they are also able to offer their members great work-out clothes at about half of the amount of regular retail. Fabletics realizes that it is much more easy to give their clients what they want if they know their taste. By using the reverse-showroom strategy, Fabletics is able to build a good relationship with their customers online, so Fabletics already knows the type of clothing that they will like when they go to the stores.


Fabletics was an idea that Kate Hudson had. She found that there was a lack of quality workout clothing that was affordable for women. She got with some good business planners, and she came up with the business model that Fabletics uses today. Hudson began to sell her clothing online, and she was able to get some great customers. Word got out about Fabletics, and now it is a booming business. Kate Hudson never expected her brand to grow to what it is today, but through good business strategies and hard work, she had been able to create a well known brand.