Welcome Home At Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a provider of personal service to the elderly, dementia, brain and physical disabilities. They are ISO certified to offer the best quality. Sussex Healthcare cares because you matter.

They need to show concern for the unwell, this can be demonstrated in various ways; visiting as this shows you haven’t forgotten, constantly checking and talking to keep patients occupied and away from the illness affecting them. A hug always makes one feel better. Smile, it keeps one glowing. Positive vibes only. This generates good moods to those receiving treatment.

At Sussex Healthcare the staff provides the best attention that visitors require. Providing care around the clock. They are based in Sussex in the United Kingdom. They are a home care facility that provides healthcare services.

For patients who are in need of care for a long duration of time, Sussex is the best possible destination as they have several home care facilities. They are fully equipped to serve all the needs of their residents.

Sussex management ensures that homes are running smoothly to enable delivery of the best care services. In light of this, Amanda Morgan-Taylor has been given the role of CEO and the duty of steering the institution to greater heights. The new Executive Officer is equipped with hands-on expertise. This has been gained over time in service of health care. Her understanding of good counsel and wellness of hosts is high.

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The experience earned in related institutions both government and private owned grooms her for the position. The knowledge obtained will come in handy in running Sussex healthcare. Management support from leaders in the facility will create a strong team.

Sussex healthcare has a mission to facilitate each resident with personal services specific to their needs. It is made possible by a team of professionals. They are highly trained and equipped with the latest technology to assist handle their host.

The healthcare home received awards for being the best in caregiving. Health Quality services, Investor in People Standard and ISO certification. These achievements so it reaches high heights which are maintained up to date.

Sussex healthcare is a home for its hosts. It has invested in recreational facilities that are essential in the well being of its residents. Time spent here is not only to improve health, it is fun, comfortable, relaxing and facilitates new beneficial experiences for its host.

Welcome to Sussex healthcare. It is where you want to be.

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