Democrat Donors Look To George Soros for Guidance

George Soros is well known as one of the most important Democratic donors in U.S. politics for the high level of donations he provides during election season for candidates, causes, and parties he feels support his own political vision. Politico reports the power vacuum many feel has developed at the top of the left leaning Democratic Party in the U.S. following the loss of the 2016 Presidential election to Republican Donald Trump, George Soros is being looked to in an even more important way than ever before by his fellow donors who make up the important Democracy Alliance group that was formed by Soros following a similar election loss to sitting President George W. Bush in 2004. The similarities between the 2004 and 2016 election campaigns are easy to see and have prompted George Soros to become a beacon for other left leaning donors who follow his lead in making donations to Democrat’s they feel can make an impact on the U.S. in the future.

One of the major talents of George Soros that has been easy to see over the years has been his ability to identify the major events in the world that come together to have a major impact on his own career and the political campaigns he backs. Forbes reports George Soros has built a personal fortune of over $25 billion by making a number of astute moves on the global markets, which he often makes by understanding the way politics in different parts of the world can have on the global financial markets. Even in his ninth decade, George Soros still remains politically active with a growing level of interest in events taking place around the world such as the vocal opposition Soros provided against the Brexit campaign in the U.K. and the fight to halt refugees entering the European Union from Syria.

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A number of important figures in the Democratic Party of the U.S. have recently been seeking new ways of involving wealthy donors in the politics of the party even between major election campaigns. During the 2016 election season the fact Soros himself provided around $25 million in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton and millions of dollars in funding for voter rights groups had the effect of attracting major donations from wealthy donors to the party. However, Soros and his Democracy Alliance group are now becoming more involved in the daily politics of the Democrat’s as the Hungarian born financial expert has sought to lead the fight against President Donald Trump in a bid to fight the right wing approach many feel will take an increasingly hard line in its effects on minority groups and seek to destroy many of the policies and laws established by President Barrack Obama.

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An Interview With Successful Entrepreneur And Business Executive Josh Verne

Entrepreneur Josh Verne, CEO and co-founder of, was recently interviewed on a podcast where he talked about his 20 years starting, building and selling businesses. He also spoke about his book ‘How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business‘ and talked about his favorite success quote which is from Johnathan Swift, “Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others”.

In the podcast Verne touched on 5 major points. The first was why it’s better to be a leader instead of a boss when in a management position. Bosses do what’s best for themselves, demand respect and use their title to get their goals accomplished. Leaders earn respect, put their people first and accomplish goals decided on with their team. Leaders produce true success, Verne explained.Josh Verne’s second point was ‘Every deal should be a Win-Win’. Don’t agree to deals or follow plans that are win-lose, Verne explained. In every business deal the seller, the client, the staff and society should all be winners. It’s always possible to find a way for everyone involved to win if you look for it. This helps organizations to skyrocket. Speak Less and listen more was Verne’s third piece of advice.

Having balance in your life is essential was Verne’s fourth point. Spending a little time each day on making money, improving your health, working on loving your family and growing personally, will help people create balanced lives. You decide how much time each area requires and give it that time. Verne’s fifth point was each person must figure out what they’re passionate about. Most successful people are passionate about what they’re doing. Finding the thing that makes you excited to wake up early each day, skip parties and work long hours will lead to a good life.

Josh Verne is an entrepreneur and e-commerce and multi-channel business specialist that has been involved in business for more than two decades. Before he founded the Philadelphia area based FlockU, LLC, in April 2015, Verne founded, ran for 4 years and sold The e-commerce platform enabled workers to purchase name-brand products and services and pay over time via automatic payroll deductions. Prior to that, Verne ran the family-owned Home Line Furniture from 1995 to 2011. He helped the company grow from one store to become a wholesale distributor to retailers all over the U.S. and worldwide.

Verne’s current company is the peer-to-peer mobile marketing exchange for college students, FlockU. It provides viral content, news, explanations and opinions on exams, sex, sports and more. Created by students for students, FlockU, LLC provides fresh, funny, smart content students can read, watch and share. FlockU gives students information they need to know immediately and helps them to navigate life outside of the classroom.

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