Hussain Sajwani Owner and CEO of DAMAC Properties

Mr. Husain Sajwani is the proud owner and CEO of the very successful DAMAC Properties group in Dubai. He founded the company in 2002 and it continues to grow and thrive. DAMAC Properties provides luxury real estate solutions for people looking to live or already living in Dubai.

The group most recently unveiled an upscale space in the Business Bay area called Reva Residences. Reva Residences sits on the edge of the Dubai Canal and has one or two bedroom apartments available for sale. Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s, DAMAC Properties is excited to offer these apartments with full amenities in the newly developing Business Bay area. The building has its own concierge service, some of the best views in town and each apartment is decorated with luxurious modern decor.

Each apartment was well thought out with elegance and high class living at the forefront. There are beautiful cooks kitchens, large picture windows to take in the views. Even the bathrooms display the most modern fittings. It is a place fit for a king!

This area has much to offer. In addition to residents having easy access to their workplaces in Dubai, there is also a great nightlife, lots of dining options and entertainment to be had. The area also offers safe jogging and bicycling paths, there is, of course, a world-class-gym, swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani the CEO of DAMAC Properties never forgets about the children. He also had installed a large children’s play place and there is an outdoor courtyard for the whole family to enjoy.

In addition to being the CEO of DAMAC Properties, Mr. Hussain Sajwani is also quite the philanthropist. He is well known to donate to many charities in Dubai. These are mostly charities geared at supporting underprivileged children. Mr. Sajwani identifies with this cause as he came from humble beginnings himself.

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Adam Milstein Raises Awareness and Support for Israel

Adam Milstein is a successful real estate investor in California, the manager partner of Hagar Pacific Properties, which manages a property of commercial properties worth over $1 billion.

In a sense, Adam Milstein was born to the business, because his father Hillel was in the real estate construction and development business, and Milstein began his professional career working for his father. That was in Israel, where Adam Milstein was born. He came to the United States in 1981. He obtained his Master in Business Administration degree from the University of Southern California in 1983, then went to work as a real estate agent in commercial real estate.

Adam Milstein is therefore an Israeli-American. He has achieved great professional success in the United States, but cannot forget his background in Israel. Like all Israeli men, he served time in the Israel Defense Forces. During his military career, Milstein saw action in the Yom Kippur War, helping Ariel Sharon to surround Egypt’s Third Army Division on the far side of the Suez Canal. So Milstein considers helping to strengthen relations between both his countries, the United States and Israel, to be his mission.

To support that mission, Adam Milstein and his wife founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation in 2000. This foundation supports pro-Israel groups and organizations, including Christians United for Israel, the Israeli-American Council, Hillel, Hahal Haredi, StandWithUs, Hasbara Fellowships, the UCLA Foundation, the Israel on Campus Coalition and the American Israel Education Foundation. They are determined to make young Israeli-Americans aware and proud of their roots.

Adam Milstein is also the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council, and is the National Chairman of it. He sits on the boards of many of the groups he and his wife support financially through their family foundation. He often about issues related to Jews, political ties with and support for Israel and antisemitism in the United States. He has actively and openly opposed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. Some of his work is more cultural than political. He and Gila co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America. That organizations gives books in Hebrew to Israeli-American families.

Samuel Strauch Showcases The Keys To Success

Samuel Strauch is the man with the plan, at least when it comes to his work with the real estate development company Metrik Real Estate. Strauch maneuvered into real estate after a fruitful trip to Miami where he saw the city was growing developments left and right while becoming a true tourist destination.

Strauch knew that he had the skills to network both in the United States and internationally and soon he would become the Principal over at Metrik Real Estate. Now, years later, Metrik Real Estate has turned into one of the bigger development companies in the state and Strauch is ready to share his expertise.

As we stated above, Samuel Strauch decided to move into the real estate game after visiting Miami on a business trip unrelated to real estate development. Samuel Strauch saw that the city and, really, the state was undergoing a huge transformation. Strauch knew that he could target his international work and utilize it with a ambitious investors in order to really get the ball rolling. Strauss was quickly getting Metrik into shape and before long it was more than just a local branch.

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Becoming a successful entrepreneur, no matter what industry you are operating in, is all about being able to stick to your gameplan when you need to and evolve it when you have to. Strauch starts each day by focusing on the people-person aspect of his company. There is no success in real estate without being able to look across the table at a client, smile, and share a moment with them. Strauch stresses the importance of meeting up with investors, partners, brokers and clients and really selling your ability at those meetings. Strauch goes on to say, “It also becomes fun and you can establish nice friendships with some of the people you are doing business with.”

Perhaps the greatest thing that Samuel Strauch says about his company is that he focuses on being forward thinking. Strauch believes that always pushing, immediately focusing on new ideas, has pushed Metrik Real Estate far and away from their competition. So far we can’t argue with the results!


The Atlantic City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority Partners With Sam Boraie To Build A Luxury Residential Project

Atlantic City had big shoes to fill when the New Jersey Legislature and voters approved a 1976 constitutional amendment on that allowed gambling in the state. Atlantic City needed something to put itself back together. During the 1960s, the popular resort area was a shell of a city. Three months a year, New Yorkers and people from Philly and Northern New Jersey invaded the city and spent money. But the other eight months produced very little revenue for the city. Like other New Jersey cities, Atlantic City was a crime-infested, poverty-stricken mess. But the license to allow gambling was meant to change that scenario.

People started calling Atlantic City “Las Vegas on the East Coast,” but the city never really measured up to that nickname. In 1984, the City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was formed by the State Legislature. That group was organized to develop investment opportunities on in Atlantic City, and to make sure every casino reinvested 1.25 percent of its revenue in urban development.

AC was a great place to go in the summer and on holidays or for a weekend get-a-way. Boraie didn’t understand why the city leaders didn’t attract more full-time residents, but Sam didn’t pay much attention to that issue. Boraie Development did buy eight acres in Atlantic City, and the plan was to develop that piece of property at some point. But Sam Boraie and his family were immersed in the revitalization and redevelopment of New Brunswick, and Newark, so the company’s investment in Atlantic City was on hold.

Boraie Development LLC was the money and the brains behind the resurrection of downtown New Brunswick.  The Boraie family has been developing office space and residential space in their city for more than 30 years. So it wasn’t a big surprise when Sam Boraie got a call from the Atlantic City Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority wanted to invest in the proposed $100 million Boraie residential project that Sam Boraie was proposing. Sam and his family decided to develop the land in Atlantic City after working with basketball legend and Newark native Shaq O’Neil on two successful residential projects in Newark.

The Beach at South Inlet is a two-phase Boraie project that will give Atlantic City 250 luxury residences. The new community will have a workout facility, swimming pool, outside deck and a 10,000-square-foot residence lounge. A 400-space parking garage, retail shops, restaurants, and a grocery store will also be part of this Boraie project.

Sam Boraie is proud of his family’s accomplishments. Sam Boraie is also proud of Elijah’s Promise, the nonprofit organization that helps feed and educate the needy in the state. Sam sits on the Advisory Board of Elijah’s Promise. Boraie also plays an important role on the board of the New Brunswick State Theater. The State Theater has been around for more than 90 years, and it is bigger and better than ever, thanks to Sam and other donors. The State Theater helps educate students through music classes and live performances by big-name entertainers.

Town Residential to Open its 10th Outpost in a Span of only 3 years

Town Residential is opening its 10th outpost after being open for only three years. The Town Residential Real Estate brokerage firm was founded in 2010, picking up steam to where it opened its 10th building by 2016.


Town Residential is a real estate firm that was founded by Andrew Heiberger. This man is a founder of Citi Habitats as well which is a brokerage he sold to Town Residential.


Town Residential has found a niche in the luxury real estate services part of town, featuring an unapplied group of real estate representatives.


The luxury residential firm maintains sales, leasing and marketing sales and leasing in the 10 commercial and retail properties which it serves.


The company also recognizes client needs in exceptional customer service, expertise about the neighborhood it serves and working with the client neighborhood.


The privately held New York brokerage maintains a website at and boasts between 201 and 500 employees. Right now, the firm is looking for a public relations specialist and an on-site sales associate.

Town real estate also has a blog that lists things like the five best places in Manhattan to find a mug of hot chocolate.

To find more information on the firm, its offerings and even the famous people who live or have lived in Town Residential properties, in addition to http://town you can also go to the following links:







You can also count on the blog, and with a little alliterative digging, find some of the best things to do in New York City that have nothing to do with hot chocolate.

One of the entries is for the New York City Marathon, that brings about 50,000 runners from all over the world to challenge a couple of dozen miles through NYC streets.


And what could be New York better than the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, with its amazing array of floats and entertainment.


Could there be a better place to live, where the sights and amenities and the best of all the world come together in New York City? You can even find your dream home at the Town Residential real estate or rental properties. All ten of the locations for Town Residential real estate empire are within walking distance of the finest places in New York, and provide some of the most magnificent views of not only the city, but parks and foliage that surrounds the buildings, too.