Eric Pulier Mixes Software and Philanthropy

A Kid Genius Grows Up

Writing his first programs in the 4th grade, Eric Pulier was destined to succeed as a software developer. After graduating from Harvard University he quickly established himself as one of the most important software developers of the 90s. His patents covered just about everything you can think of in terms of 90s software. He created remote desktop software, application programming interfaces, and everything in between. His software made him a fortune, but he didn’t allow it to distract from things far more important.

Giving Back To The World

Philanthropy is at the core of much of what Pulier does. He has a profound talent for software and he wants to use that talent to make the world around him a better place. An example of this philanthropy was the creation of the Starbright World social network. In the mid 90s the Starbright Foundation wanted to create a social network for the children under its care. It eventually asked Pulier to create a social network for the hospitals within its system. Even today children in Starbright hospitals continue to use the social network to connect with others facing chronic illness.

Eric Pulier Today

As a father of four children, Eric Pulier continues to use his talent to make the world a better place. He wants to give his children a better world than the world hew was born in and he uses his talent for programming to bring his vision as close to reality as he can. Much of his work focusing on the Clinton Global Initiative and other philanthropic efforts.