Securus Technologies Key in the War on Drugs in Prison

The war on drugs inside the prison is just as serious as it is on the outside. The big difference is that me and my fellow corrections officers are in close contact with inmates who become much more dangerous when they are high. If even one inmate were to take too much heroin or crack, then not only am I in danger, but so is all the visitors, staff, officers, and other inmates. This is why we spend a considerable part of our day making sure that drugs are not making their way into our prison.


To stamp out any chance of illegal drugs getting into our facility, my team of corrections officers have a routine we follow each day that allows us to identify any instances of drug use. The first thing we do is send a group of officers to the visitor center each day and search both the inmates and the guests. These guests are warned about taking anything into the jail and trying to pass it to the inmates. My team will search the cells too while inmates are either eating or in the yard, while another team inspects all the mail.


When Securus Technologies put their inmate call monitoring system in our jail, we gained one of the more powerful resources that we have had to date. The LBS software can detect conversations across all the lines, and alert my team if inmates are talking about a number of things. We use the system to allow us to be in one place while the calls are closely monitored. Now when inmates are trying to ask family or friends to sneak them in some drugs, we take action. If inmates are using or hiding drugs, we can take action immediately and make the facility safer for everyone.

Why Securus Technologies is Considered To Be a Wonderful Program For Inmates and Visitors To Stay Connected With One Another

Securus Technologies is a wonderful program that’s enabling visitors to take advantage of opportunities in which they can provide their visitors with a way of visiting/communicate with them via methods of videoconferencing, thus, eliminating their needs of physically visiting them at their place of confinement. This is a tremendous advantage for inmates’ visitors are they’re provided with an opportunity of engaging in a visitation session with their relative, friend, co-worker, or significant other without having to actually visit their place of confinement. If you’re not sure exactly what you may need to be looking for pertaining to the program, then it’s advisable for you to visit the website that’s been designed by its engineers/developers, as you’ll be able to find a myriad of details pertaining to it.


Whether you’re aware of it or not, signing up for a typical form of visitation session in which the visitor(s) are required to physically visit a correctional facility can be a lengthy process. Such a process often consists of inmates and their visitors coordinating with one another to where they can set up an appointment that is convenient for both of their schedules. After coordinating with one another, either the inmate or visitor(s) are required to contact the communications/visitation department of the particular correctional facility in which the inmate is confined in so that they can set up an appointment session. Appointment scheduling can be time consuming and end up with results of times/dates that are not necessarily too convenient for the visitor(s.) This is why Securus Technologies is becoming a form of communication/visitation for both inmates and visitors that is truly considered to be convenient and an optimal choice for staying connected. Contact one of the company’s help desk professionals to receive the guidance and assistance that you need to begin utilizing the program today.


Why Securus Technologies is a Vital Tool For Communicating

If you’re wanting to communicate with an inmate who has been incarcerated within the premises of a jail for quite some time but have been unable to visit, then perhaps this new state-of-the-art program called Securus Technologies can help you in achieving what you have been wanting to do.


Securus Technologies is a program that has been presented to our communities as a communications tools that allows people to chat with inmates who may be their relatives, significant others, or friends via methods of video conferencing on computer devices. It is a very convenient form of communications that makes visitation easy, as opposed to what is typically known as being a lengthy process. Setting up appointments for visitation can be difficult when appointments are taken up due to busy jail times.


Jails are often so busy that making appointments can be difficult as the times are scheduled and taken up by other visitors of other inmates. Securus Technologies skips the physical jail scheduling appointment making process and simple allows people to schedule appointments in which they can have a visitation session with the inmate through a video conferencing session. The sessions are monitored by law enforcement agencies and has been vital in uncovering crimes in the past as certain things within the video chats may be discussed and be of criminal nature. Please be sure to contact one of the help desk’s representatives as they will be glad to assist you with any concerns, questions, or remarks you may have in pertinence to the program. Please note that it is a program that is to be used as a way to communicate and keep in touch and not necessarily for every day use. Jails will often require the scheduling to be approved by them so visit the website to see if the correctional facility where the inmate is jailed in allows its usage.