Duda Melzer: An Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Family-owned businesses usually have smooth leadership succession as most of the executive leaders are usually chosen from within the family that owns the business. While the transition can be smooth, success is not usually guaranteed as it takes more than the bloodline to succeed as a business leader. Success calls for experience, relevant academic qualifications and astute leadership skills. This combination of success factors has propelled Duda Melzer, current RBS Group president and chairman, to award-winning success as an entrepreneur and business leadership.

Career History

According to economia, before rising to the chairmanship and presidency of RBS, a media giant founded by his grandfather, Duda Melzer had to work his way to the top, serving in several positions within the company and others in the United States. He first served as a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton in 2001 before moving on Delphi Corporation. He joined the company as senior financial analyst in 2002 before moving to New York in 2004 to serve Box Top Media as its managing director. In the same year, Duda Melzer joined RBS Group having gained relative experience and knowledge to serve as its director general tasked with overseeing its national market. Within a span of just over a decade, he had risen through the company’s ranks serving as its vice president tasked with overseeing it developing and marketing the business in Brazil 2008. He was finally appointed as the president and chairman of RBS Group in 2016.

Academics and Entrepreneurship Forays

Duda Melzer is a Harvard graduate where he was conferred with a Masters of Business Administration degree. He also graduated from PUCRS with a degree in Business Administration in 1998. However, it his forays into entrepreneurship that saw him win several entrepreneurship awards both in Brazil and the United States including the prestigious Caboré Prize and Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2012, he founded e.Bricks Digital, where he serves as the chairman. He also invested in e.Bricks and became a partner in the company Ventures in 2013.

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