Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Lawyer

Fagali is a Corporate Integrity Manager and a lawyer at ‘Fagali lawyers’ He obtained his undergraduate Degree in 2009 in Administrative law. His love and eagerness to achieve the highest education, he persuaded his masters by the faculty of law of USP. Bruno Fagali deals in areas of anti-corruption law, but he focuses his career on three main category administrative contracts, regulatory law, and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali owns a personal office in Sao Paulo where he is a corporate integrity manager. He is self-driven with inner self-motivation and passion that’s why his career as a lawyer flourishes in the vast population of lawyers in Brazil. His advertising agency is based in the public interest communication. His ability to stand out in an audience and deliver content has given the opportunity to be among the members of the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

During his career journey has been with stepping stones but has in the process learned on how to overcome all odds. Early before 2007, Bruno Fagali was serving three aspects domestic violence, Consumer Law and family law then after 2007; he decided to focus on one aspect, Advisory public law contract. Additionally, Bruno Fagali can speak up in four languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.


Democrat Donors Look To George Soros for Guidance

George Soros is well known as one of the most important Democratic donors in U.S. politics for the high level of donations he provides during election season for candidates, causes, and parties he feels support his own political vision. Politico reports the power vacuum many feel has developed at the top of the left leaning Democratic Party in the U.S. following the loss of the 2016 Presidential election to Republican Donald Trump, George Soros is being looked to in an even more important way than ever before by his fellow donors who make up the important Democracy Alliance group that was formed by Soros following a similar election loss to sitting President George W. Bush in 2004. The similarities between the 2004 and 2016 election campaigns are easy to see and have prompted George Soros to become a beacon for other left leaning donors who follow his lead in making donations to Democrat’s they feel can make an impact on the U.S. in the future.

One of the major talents of George Soros that has been easy to see over the years has been his ability to identify the major events in the world that come together to have a major impact on his own career and the political campaigns he backs. Forbes reports George Soros has built a personal fortune of over $25 billion by making a number of astute moves on the global markets, which he often makes by understanding the way politics in different parts of the world can have on the global financial markets. Even in his ninth decade, George Soros still remains politically active with a growing level of interest in events taking place around the world such as the vocal opposition Soros provided against the Brexit campaign in the U.K. and the fight to halt refugees entering the European Union from Syria.

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A number of important figures in the Democratic Party of the U.S. have recently been seeking new ways of involving wealthy donors in the politics of the party even between major election campaigns. During the 2016 election season the fact Soros himself provided around $25 million in funding for the campaign of Hillary Clinton and millions of dollars in funding for voter rights groups had the effect of attracting major donations from wealthy donors to the party. However, Soros and his Democracy Alliance group are now becoming more involved in the daily politics of the Democrat’s as the Hungarian born financial expert has sought to lead the fight against President Donald Trump in a bid to fight the right wing approach many feel will take an increasingly hard line in its effects on minority groups and seek to destroy many of the policies and laws established by President Barrack Obama.

Read this story at Politico about George Soros.

Fabletics a growing activewear brand is here to stay

Fabletics is a clothing brand that is growing rapidly. In just 3 short years the company co-founded by actress, Kate Hudson is bringing in millions. Which is not entirely surpsising since every where you turn you are seeing a commercial or ad for the activewear brand. Unless you have been living in a cave I’m sure you have heard the name Fabletics once or twice. But really what is it all about and why is it becoming so successful?


The reasons for the success could be from the membership program. When you sign up you get your first outfit for $25. In a review for the Fabletics brand Terri Hutcheon explains that there is no monthly fee or requeriment to buy anything, some months she goes with out making a purchase at all. Terri is a blogger who writes about her active lifestyle over at “A foodie Stays Fit.” She explains that she has bought activewear from high-end brands and that Fabletics can most definelty stand up to them with the quality and variety. The membership just simplifies the entire process and allows her to update her work out gear as often as she needs to.


Another reason could be the personalized attention when it comes to picking outfits. When signing up you fill out a lifestyle quiz. This quiz might be the first and most important part of the process. As a customer you are asked what type of activity you do. Are you some once who enjoys yoga or someone who likes to sweat it out at the gym? Next you are asked where do you like to be active is it in the comfort of your own home or out in the elements? You are then asked your color preference, what body shape best fits you and then what size for tops, bottoms, and sports bras you generally wear. With all these questions answered the team at Fabletics can show you clothes that will be more appealing and functional for your life.


Starting out as a primarily online shopping brand they better understand todays consumers. Many retail brands are struggling because, budget savvy consumers know that they can find many clothing brands for sale online much cheaper than in store. In return big brands such as Amazon are reaping the benefits. According to Paul Armstrong, a writer for Amazon controls 20% of the fashion e-commerce. Fabletics is challenging big e-commerce companies like Amazon by providing physical retail stores that work in conjunction with online statistics. Through local data and customer memberships Fabletics stores will only stock items that appeal to consumers in that area. Customers who shop in store, who are most likely already members will not be disappointed and those who are not members have the option of becoming one. An example of how they try to keep customers shopping experience seamless and stress free is when a customer tries clothes on in store it is automatically uploaded to their online cart. This way no matter if they chose to buy it in store or online customers know exactly what they are getting and for the same price no matter how they decide make a purchase.

Duda Melzer: An Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Family-owned businesses usually have smooth leadership succession as most of the executive leaders are usually chosen from within the family that owns the business. While the transition can be smooth, success is not usually guaranteed as it takes more than the bloodline to succeed as a business leader. Success calls for experience, relevant academic qualifications and astute leadership skills. This combination of success factors has propelled Duda Melzer, current RBS Group president and chairman, to award-winning success as an entrepreneur and business leadership.

Career History

According to economia, before rising to the chairmanship and presidency of RBS, a media giant founded by his grandfather, Duda Melzer had to work his way to the top, serving in several positions within the company and others in the United States. He first served as a consultant for Booz Allen & Hamilton in 2001 before moving on Delphi Corporation. He joined the company as senior financial analyst in 2002 before moving to New York in 2004 to serve Box Top Media as its managing director. In the same year, Duda Melzer joined RBS Group having gained relative experience and knowledge to serve as its director general tasked with overseeing its national market. Within a span of just over a decade, he had risen through the company’s ranks serving as its vice president tasked with overseeing it developing and marketing the business in Brazil 2008. He was finally appointed as the president and chairman of RBS Group in 2016.

Academics and Entrepreneurship Forays

Duda Melzer is a Harvard graduate where he was conferred with a Masters of Business Administration degree. He also graduated from PUCRS with a degree in Business Administration in 1998. However, it his forays into entrepreneurship that saw him win several entrepreneurship awards both in Brazil and the United States including the prestigious Caboré Prize and Ernest and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award. In 2012, he founded e.Bricks Digital, where he serves as the chairman. He also invested in e.Bricks and became a partner in the company Ventures in 2013.

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Bruce Levenson Do Good Institute is at the pinnacle of Higher Education

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks basketball team before selling the team and the Philips Arena. According to, after selling out the Atlanta Hawks in 2014, Bruce Levenson invested into the Do Good Institute in Maryland University. He is a Board Director and a member of IT industry media company TechTarget.

In a statement on, Bruce Levenson pointed to many great and in good work that his charitable program at Maryland University had achieved so far. Levenson also said that with the emergence of alternative education, Do Good Initiative was presenting the unique value and reshape higher education programs that will transform the entire education landscape. Do Good Institute wishes to create an example from which other Institutions can base foundation.

With a unique higher education initiative, the Do Good Institute has the aim of getting many undergraduate students at the Maryland University and teach them volunteering and non-profit. Do Good wishes to develop new business, non-profit leaders able to achieve business competency in an ever competitive business world.

The Do Good Institute has the most liberal and learning work atmosphere where learners are presented with charitable donations to advance their search for future careers. The program has seen an incredible response, with the ever first Philanthropy 101 class consisting of many students given ten thousand dollars to decide their careers.

Do Good Institute aim is to change the campus into the most motivated and liberal graduate school. Do Good program has already achieved much success in developing new non-profit entrepreneurs. Ben Simon was the former student of the program and has recently founded FRN (Food Recovery Network) and also operates a major waste-prevention crusade at the campus. Bruce claimed that the emergence of online learning, the University has sought out for other alternatives business models to give learning a real reason for existing.

The Finalist For The 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Is Madison Street Capital

The M&A Advisor has announced that the international investment banking firm, namely, Madison Street Capital, based in Chicago, will be the finalist for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards.



These are widely respected awards as they are considered as proof that the company has reached the heights of achievements in the financial sector. These awards recognize companies that display excellence in deal making as well as restructuring besides financing. This way it is able to celebrate the contributions as well as achievements of firms and finance professionals.



The nomination of Madison Street Capital is for the category of Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. Another category for which the firm was nominated is the Industrials Deal of the Year. This category recognizes the role of the firm in facilitating the Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. which was acquired by Dowco. The Senior Managing Director of Madison Street Capital, Karl D’Cunha, had finalized this deal. This kind of double nomination is going to help Madison Street Capital reputation in a big way.



Charles Botchway is the founder and CEO of Madison Street Capital. He has expressed his happiness at being nominated for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year – International. He has contributed this success to his dealmakers who are working tirelessly across several time zones in order to connect with clients who have emerging businesses. These dealmakers are always trying to suit the varying needs of these clients as they look for continued growth as well as success.



Even this acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. by Dowco was not easy as it involved a number of cross-border transactions that could get quite complex due to so many moving parts. Hence it does feel great when such an effort is recognized. The finals of the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards Gala will be held on Wed., Nov. 9. This will be at the New York Athletic Club.



About Madison Street Capital, LLC has always been committed to integrity as well as excellence. This is an investment firm that displays leadership along with service. It delivers a host of financial advisory services. The firm has expertise in merger and acquisition. They provide financial opinions too. Besides, the firm provides valuation services to a number of businesses, both public and the privately held ones. This way they help their clients to achieve success in the global marketplace.


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Kim Dao Attends the Etude House Makeup Festival

“Get Ready With Me in KOREA: Etude House Festival Makeup” is a fun video that makeup lovers will appreciate from Kim Dao. As a voiceover of Kim Dao speaking plays, we get to see the excitement of the event as Kim Dao explains that she and Sunny were invited by Etude House to attend. Kim Dao even got to attend a concert at the event where she saw Krystal from f(x) and other well known Korean celebrities. Using Etude House products and other well known makeup brands such as M.A.C., Kim Dao shows us how she got ready for event. The first product that she used was the Etude House Face Blur primer. She continues until her face is completely done, and she looks fully ready for the day’s events. The packaging for each product is so girly and soft, you just want to use each one. For an extra glam effect, Kim Dao adds glitter just beneath the corner of her eye. Then she’s off to the event. The different booths for each brand and product has some wonderful goodies on display for sampling and even to take home. Kim Dao and Sunny enjoy the event applying the new products to their skin, and listening to beauty leaders in the industry.

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VTA Publications CEO Jim Hunt Tells People What To Expect In Market During Trump Presidency

Jim Hunt VTA Publications is always finding the next big trade after doing hours of financial research, and he’s also a voice for investors that is free of big money corporations or political affiliations. He recently decided to offer his take on the markets in light of Donald Trump’s presidency at He said while the market cratered during the first few days after the election, the results have been far less disconcerting than activity in both the 1980 and 2008 elections. He has mentioned that investors should not get overly excited about the recent record numbers in the Dow index because they are likely to fall back down sometime down the road. He does believe that stocks in the industrial sector have a chance to perform well in the coming term.

Jim Hunt is the founder and CEO of VTA Publications, a company he started to provide information for investors ready to take charge of their finances without going through the bank. He once worked for a big bank but left because he felt customers were being unfairly taken advantage of. VTA Publications publishes out its distance learning material in both print and electronic format and has distributed the material to customers all over the world. Customers can learn about finances related to retirement and the bible, using stock charts and making trades of little-known options, and having access to seminars hosted by some of the world’s most successful businessmen.

Jim Hunt has also started a YouTube channel in addition to VTA Publications. His followers are given a look at the trades he makes, and he shows them which stocks they should buy or sell in a particular situation on Ideamensch. To show even more just how easy stock trades can be, he started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire.” “Wealth Wave” is a look at where the money goes in a bear market and how you can make two phone calls regarding investing that can make a profit when the money turns. He shows how just 10 stock trades can turn into millions in pounds with “Making Mum a Millionaire.” To find out more about Hunt’s company, you can visit

Brian Bonar: Making Significant Changes in the Financial World

Brian Bonar has established himself as a leader in the financial world. He strives to help his team members achieve their goals and has also participated in different education programs.

In 2010, Brian was named in the Cambridge Who’s who Executive of the Year in Finance. This award is a great honor in the financial world, and it has helped improve his reputation. He was honored for his academic qualifications and leadership skills.


It is his technical background that has helped build his career. Brian holds a Bachelor Degree in Technical Engineering from the James Watt Technical College. He later advanced his career by pursuing his Master in Mechanical Engineering at the Stafford University.

His career

With three decades in the financial sector, Brian has amassed himself with knowledge and skills. He is an expert in contract negotiation, strategic partnership, mergers and acquisition, and corporate development. e began his career right after leaving college, and his first position was procurement manager at the IBM Company. For 16 years, he was responsible for outsourcing the Company’s motherboards.

He resigned from the Company and joined the QMS as the Director of Engineering. He was in charge of managing 100 software and hardware engineers.

His sales and marketing career began soon after he left the QMS Company. He joined the Rastek Corporation as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing. At the Company, he was responsible for the sales of the printing technology.

According to White Pages, Brian Bonar left the Company in 1993 and soon joined the Adaptec as the Sales Manager. He was responsible for establishing relationships with the Japanese and Korean Manufacturers.

Brian founded his first Company– Beziers System in 1994. He worked as the Chief Executive Officer for a year. Brian has also served as the Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the iTec Imaging Technologies.

He founded and served as the managing member of the AMS outsourcing Company. He served the Company for six years and later resigned. Before founding the AMS Company, Brian served as the President of the Allegiant Professional Business Services and was in charge of Sales Marketing of the insurance products.

He is the current Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Dalrada Financials. He joined the Company in 1999 and has been in charge of guiding and providing strategies for sales and management.

He also serves as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Trucept since 2011. He deals with temporary staffing and also marketing the insurance products and services.

Besides being a financial expert, Brian has developed other interests including golfing and boating. During his free time, he likes to spend time with his family.

Lip Balm’s New Look: An Innovative and Creative Way to Repackage Lip Balm by EOS

Everyone over a certain age recalls how lip balm has always been packaged as a small tube designed to push the lip balm out in a circular stick. Chapstick® is known for its small cylinder tube of lip balm that delivers soothing lotion to dry, cracked lips easily. Blistex is another Well known company that follows Chapstick’s® lead in providing soothing lip balm in simple and easy to use cylinder tubes.

Seven years ago Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller teamed up with Craig Dubitsky to change the packaging to get away from what they considered was too clinical. Dubitsky soon left the organization for other endeavors. They would name their new organization Evolution of Smooth or EOS ( to attract a new market that was willing and eager for a change.

Coming up with the orb design did take some time and effort but was well worth it. The testing of the product with its new packaging was a huge success. For some it was an innovation that had been waiting to happen for a long time. The younger generations especially took to the orb packaging and enjoyed the wide variety of flavors such as grapefruit and honey dew.

The founders’ main focus in the beginning was women who seemed to really latch onto the product in droves. Men still preferred the basic tube that companies like Chapstick® and Blistex still produce. Women really loved the orb packaging and the way that the lip balm engaged all five senses. Their tagline would soon read “the lip balm that makes you smile.” Millennial women are now their focus.

With over one billion unit sales per week, EOS has proven that this new innovation is a hit. EOS has created a good niche market for this innovative lip balm for years to come. EOS products are available on Costco, Walmart and Target Stores. Online purchase can be done thru Amazon and eBay,