Hussain Sajwani Of DAMAC Properties Shares About The Company’s Past

DAMAC Group is associated with luxurious property developments. The company is credited for developing a glamorous golf course project in partnership with Donald Trump’s company. However, DAMAC Property engages in other sectors of the economy, including the hospitality industry. The corporation, which is owned by Hussain Sajwani, is one of the leading real estate companies in the United Arabs Emirates.

The DAMAC owner looks back at the early days of the enterprise. At the beginning of the 90s, the company was just a startup struggling to establish itself in the market. Hussain Sajwani posits that the company’s breakthrough started when it was hired by the United States Army to provide food service to its army during the Desert Storm.

The Army praised the company’s outstanding services. After the first Gulf War, DAMAC Properties continued to work with the Americans in Bosnia, Somali, and the Gulf. DAMAC’S involvement with the US Army saw it work alongside renowned American companies such as Bechtel.

Almost three decades later, the food business is still part of DAMAC Group’s operations. This division remains as a reminder of how far Hussain Sajwani and the company have come and their commitment to success.

The department is also a proof of the entity’s exemplary business expertise and Hussain Sajwani’s entrepreneurial abilities. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

Following the recovery of the real estate market in the United Arabs Emirates, Hussain Sajwani took advantage of his outstanding business strategies to undertake the company’s initial public offering (IPO). DAMAC group floated its shares in the London Stock Exchange. The process of underwriting the IPO went well. The business leader remains tight-lipped on vital information like share price.

DAMAC Group entered the real estate business during the boom of 2002. The company enjoyed six years of good business before the financial crisis of 2008. However, the industry has since recovered, and Hussain Sajwani is back to business. Read more: Meet Our Board | DAMAC Properties

The shrewd entrepreneur has worked closely with President Trump’s Trump Foundation. To avoid conflict of interest, the president cannot conduct his personal businesses. However, his children will spearhead the already existing business relation with Hussain Sajwani family.

According to Hussain Sajwani, DAMAC has employed a new business strategy to ensure that it cushions itself against future financial crises. This approach involves making full payment for all land before developing any properties.

In addition, the escrow accounts involved in the transactions are independent, and each project’s account is managed separately.

Why Securus Technologies is Considered To Be a Wonderful Program For Inmates and Visitors To Stay Connected With One Another

Securus Technologies is a wonderful program that’s enabling visitors to take advantage of opportunities in which they can provide their visitors with a way of visiting/communicate with them via methods of videoconferencing, thus, eliminating their needs of physically visiting them at their place of confinement. This is a tremendous advantage for inmates’ visitors are they’re provided with an opportunity of engaging in a visitation session with their relative, friend, co-worker, or significant other without having to actually visit their place of confinement. If you’re not sure exactly what you may need to be looking for pertaining to the program, then it’s advisable for you to visit the website that’s been designed by its engineers/developers, as you’ll be able to find a myriad of details pertaining to it.


Whether you’re aware of it or not, signing up for a typical form of visitation session in which the visitor(s) are required to physically visit a correctional facility can be a lengthy process. Such a process often consists of inmates and their visitors coordinating with one another to where they can set up an appointment that is convenient for both of their schedules. After coordinating with one another, either the inmate or visitor(s) are required to contact the communications/visitation department of the particular correctional facility in which the inmate is confined in so that they can set up an appointment session. Appointment scheduling can be time consuming and end up with results of times/dates that are not necessarily too convenient for the visitor(s.) This is why Securus Technologies is becoming a form of communication/visitation for both inmates and visitors that is truly considered to be convenient and an optimal choice for staying connected. Contact one of the company’s help desk professionals to receive the guidance and assistance that you need to begin utilizing the program today.


Lori Senecal Announces Future Retirement Focusing on Development of the Next Generation Leadership Team

The name Lori Senecal stands out in the marketing and advertising industries as one of the top global leaders in the 21st Century. Her career started working as Global Chief Innovative Officer for McCann Worldgroup and president of McCann Erickson’s New York office. Later, she joined KBS serving as its president and Global Chairman, and recognized was helping the agency with national and international growth. Presently, she’s serving as Global CEO at CP+B accomplishing much success for the agency, including winning large accounts and worldwide expansion. Senegal made an announcement, on May 18th, 2017, plans to retire from her role as Global CEO the end of this year. More details can be found on Adweek.

In a formal statement to Adweek, Lori Senecal said she is developing the next generational leadership team with the help of her partner, Chuck Porter. Between now and the end of December, the partners will be prepared for transitional leadership change. The new generation leader they selected to serve as president at CP+B West, which includes offices in Los Angeles and Boulder is Danielle Aldrich. Lori Senecal and Aldrich are recognized by the agency for winning big accounts, including Hersey’s and American Airlines. The new role for Danielle represents the hard work she has dedicated to CP+B in meeting challenges with creative solutions.

Lori Senecal accomplishments at KBS and McCann Erickson are recognized by Crain’s, AdAge, and AWNY Game Changer Awards. She was placed on AdAge’s List of Standout Agencies, three years, consecutively, and one of the Women to Watch, in 2015. While serving as CEO for CP+B, the agency grew to 10 international offices, tremendous growth within a two-year period. Lori led the agency to be recognized by Advertising Age as the Creator Innovator of the Year and landed an award for herself as one of the top four Agency Executives to Watch, in 2016. Lori’s works, including leadership and guidance at CB+C and other marketing and advertising agencies have made her one of the most recognizable female professionals in the industry.


Learn More About the Wessex Institute of Technology

If you are interested in technology, you probably know the Wessex Institute of Technology. The institution, which is known for its science and technological advancement, is also referred to as WIT. The institution is located in the United Kingdom and it has a diverse faculty and student body. If you are a science and technology enthusiast, you should consider learning more about their activities and publications.

One of the things that set the institute apart is its publications. They have a publishing press which is known as the WIT Press, which churns out periodic journals. They have published various journals on diverse titles. Among the current titles which they have worked on include, “Sustainable Development and Planning.” Another interesting title is “Design and Nature and Ecodynamics.”The beauty of the published journals by the Wessex Institute is that they cover diverse areas of technology, science and other current issues. If you want to publish on their journal, you can easily do so by getting in touch with their team. They receive articles from authors from within and abroad. They also organize peer reviews which can help you increase the quality of your work before it is published.

Madison Street Capital Role in Minority Recapitalization

Madison Street Capital is one of the most successful private banking firms in the world. The company was established several years ago, and it has done well in the hedge fund industry. The headquarters of the private corporation are located in Chicago. However, some of its offices are found in Asia, North America, Africa and other places around the globe. Madison Street Capital offers consumers a variety of financial services. Some of these include financial advisory, mergers and acquisition expertise, valuation, financial opinions and funding solutions.


Madison Street Capital operates in several markets too. Some of these include energy, distribution, transportation, construction, retail, manufacturing, consumer, and media. Madison Street Capital reputation among its clients has played a fundamental role in its success. Clients from all walks of life have invested with the private institution.


The international investment banking company acted as the financial advisor in arranging the minority equity and debt financing for one of its main clients, AREA Security Corporation. The company is headquartered in Vienna, and it is considered to be one of the providers of comprehensive security software solutions. Reports indicate that the minority recapitalization was offered by a company known as Corbel Structured Equity Partners. When announcing this news, Charles Botchway, the current chief executive officer and president of Madison Street Capital said that this was a significant development for the minority. Botchway stated that the whole transaction would be led by Reginald McGaugh, the senior managing director at Madison Street Capital.


Reginald has said that the private company worked very hard to make everything successful. The managing director also stated that it was a great honor to work with Ares Security President directly during the transaction. Ben Eazzetta, a shareholder, was also part of the whole process. Reginald said that Ares Security is considered to be one of the most prestigious companies that have high-end technology solutions, and its main aim is to protect the most critical assets in the world. Reginald said that the firm had a superior management team and strong board who challenged Madison Street Capital to identify the best financial partner for the institution.


Ben Eazzetta said that he appreciated working with the reliable team of experts in Madison Street Capital. Ben also stated that the investment company had completed a lot of tasks for his business in the past, and he was impressed by everything they had accomplished over the years. Ben is looking forward to work with the private company in the future.


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Why should you use Wen by Chaz as your Cleansing Conditioner?

Your hair defines the general look of your makeup. For you to showcase your beauty, it does not matter how expensive your makeup is but rather how neat and shiny your hair look. It complements your natural beauty, and it maintains your image. However, the beauty products that you use determine how you achieve all this. If all you need is a healthy, shiny and gorgeous hair, Wen by Chaz is the cleansing conditioner that is all in one conditioner, shampoo, and styling treatment.

Wen cleansing conditioner is ideal for any hair, and therefore you should not be worried about how hard your hair is. It’s tested and tried and proved to be the best hair product whether you have thin hair, just one use of this cleansing conditioner will enrich your hair to grow to the levels you did not know. It ensures that your hair is moisturized, clean, soft and healthy. Unlike other cleansing conditioners that pull off a considerable amount of hair strands, this one keeps your hair firm right by the roots.

The best thing about this product is that you do not need to buy other hair products for it to work. Using the right number of pumps and ensuring that you massage it gently until it is evenly saturated on your head and through to the scalp provides your hair has a unique look all day long. However, you must ensure that you know the size of your hair for you to use the right measure.

If you want your hair to grow it depends on how well you treat it and how often you take care of it. You do not have to remain in the same state without assurance of what type of conditioner will best suit your hair type. Invest in Wen by Chaz, and you will note the difference within few days. Wen products are available on Sephora beauty stores, online on Amazon and on the official website.

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Bruno Fagali: An Expert Counsel Who Leads Corporate Integrity in the Brazilian Corporate World

Bruno Fagali, an expert counsel and corporate integrity expert, is known for his contributions to clean the Brazilian public contracts, considering the scandals behind the dubious contracts, by driving integrity campaign and transparency drive. He is the founder and partner of his own Law firm called FAGALI advocacy and also works as the Corporate Integrity Manager of nova / sb, a leading Brazilian advertisement agency. With almost of a decade of experience in providing high-quality legal solutions especially in the corporate sector, Bruno Fagali knows what is needed to be put as check for the cleanup campaign.

He is highly experienced in Administrative Law, Ethics, Compliance, Regulatory Law, and Urban Law. Bruno Fagali knows the importance of his appointment with nova / sb and has brought many initiatives to drive integrity within the advertisement firm. As a leader in the ad industry, the agency gets a significant number of public contracts which are directly sourced from the various government departments. Due to the widespread public anger reported against the corruption in various government departments, the government is focused on implementing a transparency drive that can bring back the lost faith of the citizens. As an advertisement agency who pioneers and implements new initiatives, nova / sb wanted a committed drive for integrity within the organization and appointed Bruno Fagali for the job.

As the Corporate Integrity manager of the advertising firm, he implemented a Corporate Integrity Program in both Brasilia and Sao Paulo offices. Bruno Fagali also formed an employee ethics committee and framed a new policy of treating employees and members alike. He is appointed with the firm for 36 months and can’t make him fired before that; this clearly gives him an authoritative hand and helps him to take impartial decisions.

Bruno Fagali completed his Law graduation from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2009 and did a specialization in Administrative Law. He did his Masters in Progress in State Law from the University of São Paulo. Fagali worked with a number of law firms such as Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques Law Firm, Tojal, Teixeira Ferreira, Serrano & Renault Advogados Associados, and Radi, Calil and Associados advocacia. In 2014, he founded Fagali law firm to provide expertise service in Public Law, Compliance, Litigation, etc.


Jason Hope Moves Biotechnology Forward

Technology website Engadget featured an article on noted philanthropist and futurist Jason Hope. In the article, author Jesse Boskoff outlines the views Hope holds on the so-called Internet of Things, referring to the growing number of objects that have built-in Internet connectivity. Hope believes that the Internet of Things shows promise to move society forward and better humanity.

One of Hope’s focuses is in the field of biotechnology. Hope has pledged $500,000 to the SENS Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to fighting aging. The SENS Foundation is focused on researching age-related illness. Hope’s philanthropy in this area aligns closely with his vision for the Internet of Things. In 2015, Hope predicted that medical technology would be the primary area in which online connectivity would expand, increasing the size of the Internet of Things.

Philanthropy like this is extremely important to Jason Hope, whose socially conscious approach to business makes him a leader in his field. Hope’s work as a consultant for businesses is only one of many ways that he drives innovation and pushes for a brighter future. Through his work as a consultant he acts as a tool for companies willing to push the envelope on the promises of technology and digital media.

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Madison Street Capital And Their Expert Valuation Services

There are several different reasons to order a valuation report, and they are used to allow businesses to make appropriate decisions. A business that is using a valuation report will find it much easier to buy a stake in another company, and there are many people who will use the reports when they wish to purchase a stake in a business themselves. This article explains how the Madison Street Capital reputation ensures every person who reads the report may make an informed decision.


#1: What Do The Reports Say?


Reports list quite a lot of value that is hidden in the company, and there are many things that may be missed when the company does its own valuation. Someone who is searching for more information about a business will find it, or they may learn of their own company’s hidden value.


#2: How Long Do Reports Take To Create?


Creating a report for the business is quite important as it takes time to complete properly. Madison Street will ensure that every bit of the company has been turned over in its research, and they will seek out a number of different options that help them find value in a new business they are researching. They know where to look for information about each business, and they will work quite hard as they search for the hidden gems that explain why a company possesses a certain value.


#3: Who Uses The Reports?


Anyone may use the reports at any time, and they will find them quite illuminating if they have never read a valuation report in the past. Reports that are created for the company may be used by managers to purchase stakes in other firms, or they may sell stakes in their company based on their current valuation. They have a number things that they may consider when valuing a stake in the firm. The managers and leaders of the company require quite a lot of help when choosing to sell a stake in the firm, and they will find the sale of a stake in the firm easier when they may give a specific amount they expect to receive.


Everyone who uses Madison Street Capital for their valuations and business deals will sign their contracts in the Madison Street office. They are protected from any sort of fraud, and both parties walk away much happier about the transaction that was completed.


For more details, visit


Bruno Fagali: Brazilian Lawyer

Fagali is a Corporate Integrity Manager and a lawyer at ‘Fagali lawyers’ He obtained his undergraduate Degree in 2009 in Administrative law. His love and eagerness to achieve the highest education, he persuaded his masters by the faculty of law of USP. Bruno Fagali deals in areas of anti-corruption law, but he focuses his career on three main category administrative contracts, regulatory law, and federal civil actions.

Bruno Fagali owns a personal office in Sao Paulo where he is a corporate integrity manager. He is self-driven with inner self-motivation and passion that’s why his career as a lawyer flourishes in the vast population of lawyers in Brazil. His advertising agency is based in the public interest communication. His ability to stand out in an audience and deliver content has given the opportunity to be among the members of the society of corporate compliance and ethics.

During his career journey has been with stepping stones but has in the process learned on how to overcome all odds. Early before 2007, Bruno Fagali was serving three aspects domestic violence, Consumer Law and family law then after 2007; he decided to focus on one aspect, Advisory public law contract. Additionally, Bruno Fagali can speak up in four languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.