Paul Mampilly Offers Useful Insights on Investments this Year

Befitting investment methods and rich background on financial matters will help an investor attain fiscal discipline and independence from long-standing arrears. The decision to pick areas and precise associations to invest in is not a simple process mostly if you are not an experienced player in the market. For those looking to be successful in investing, he/she should focus on three crucial areas according to Paul Mampilly.

The entertainment industry has been a significant consumer of technological innovation. In the past years the field was only imaginative in content creators’ minds, but with new technology, it is becoming achievable, and more quality video games produced each day. 3- D technology has been the chief aspect that has revolutionized the field and companies and individuals have put a considerable amount of money in this area.

Pharmaceutical products especially prescription drugs are another source of profitable investments as Paul Mampilly explains. With retail giants, Amazon announcing their entry in this business, efficiently eliminating the middleman that have profited in the trade for so long, the medical discipline is a very viable sector to invest. The effect of Amazon entry will help to streamline the industry and ensure a platform for profitable investments.

3- D printing and robotic technology is a new and significant player in the current world of architecture and building. The complicated technique ensures that half the time used in the building process by simplifying processes that were initially very complicated and time-consuming. Paul Mamphilly says that the technology is set to reduce the cost by almost half and ease the building process by providing solutions to historical challenges in the field.

On bitcoins, Mampilly opines that the cryptocurrencies will crash soon. The price of bitcoins is rising just because news indicates it will increase. The bubble forming will involve increased selling which will result in loss of value.

Paul Mampilly is a businessman who is a financial manager and has won a couple of awards among them the prestigious Templeton Foundation Investment competition. In the past years, fans have seen Mampilly on many television programs on renowned networks such as Bloomberg TV and others such as CNBC. Paul is credited with the creation of Profits Unlimited, a company that advises people seeking to make a career in the stock market. Profits Unlimited has been termed as the fastest growing newsletter in the investment industry after hitting 60,000 subscribers.

Mampilly attended Montclair State University where he graduated with a Business Administration in 1991. He joined Bankers Trust where he worked as an Assistant Portfolio Manager before moving to Deutsche Bank and ING. To sharpen his intellect in the industry, he joined Fordham Graduate School of Business for a Master’s in Business Administration and graduated in 1997. Paul Mampilly rose to prominent positions where he helped transform various corporates. via Twitter